Tumblr happy ending massage Frisco, Texas

tumblr happy ending massage Frisco, Texas

Happy Ending Massage McKinney, Massage Happy Ending McKinney. Find a happy ending massage in Happy Endings Texas including Happy Ending Frisco | Happy.
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I am almost positive this is a " happy ending living in Seattle and am so happy to have found one near by now that I'm back in Texas. Siena Massage - Frisco.

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My wife has been here many times and has raved about the location. Today, I joined her for the one hour foot and back massage. My wife and I were able to be together for the hour. The first was the foot and leg message. Sitting in a reclined chair, and after my feet soaked in warm for a while, WOW! The massage was awesome and associate took her time. If your looking for something easy and soft, this will not be it. The back massage was next tumblr happy ending massage Frisco it was perfect.

When the massage was complete, I mentioned to my wife that I look forward to our next visit. I can see why many rated this location low, it is not the typical happy ending massage tucson Clovis, California facility. The best is its all about the message, not chatting from the associates, just one hour of massage. Give it a try! It is cheap, no reservation required, fast and fair massage!

I come in here maybe once a month to get my foot and neck massage! Yes there is no aroma therapy or sound machine and candles. But you need to close your eyes and let them massage your sore body!

I fell asleep multiple time in here and woke up from me snoring. I regretted coming here two weeks ago! I should have listened to my guts and to the reviews on here especially when someone mentioned the name Daniel. It was a horrible experience, he was not professional and did not kept me mens favorite sex postions Lafayette, Louisiana covered. He was pulling and tugging the sheet rudely.

He was slapping my back with his hands and rudely pushing my muscles and my head. Has a very bad bedside manners, Texas. Texas felt disgusted, violated and sick to my stomach. Used a stinky oil and was lazy about his job as if he hates it. I did not get a deep tissue massage that I requested.

My husband got my money back the next day and dared to ask him to get a massage. I miss Hide Shiatsu in CA. I wanted to try a simple massage place that was quick, no appointment necessary and inexpensive. If you are looking for a high end, fufu massage place, this is not it but it does the job.

All and all it was okay. So you get what you pay Texas. The massage itself was way too rough and really fast. Not to mention she was on the table with me. A little odd in my opinion. Literally worst massage ever. Daniel the therapist would literally slap my back. The service was awful.

I Plan on calling the office tomorrow since its at a different location to complain so they actually speak English. After I left a girl in the waiting room could tell how awful it was and left. Worst massage ever and they charged me twice for it.

What was advertised as a groupon discount was actually their normal price. I offered to put a tip on my card and the lady charged me full price a second time then said I could come back and use my groupon another time.

Just awful in every way. Never will I EVER go here again or reccommend someone to! The massage "tables" have old worn out blankets on them looking like they brought them from home and the face pillow has a PAPER TOWEL on top of it. The lady gave me a massage and her nails were so long they were cutting my neck where she was rubbing, she answered her cell phone, and gave me a few punches in the arm which hurt the most.

Needless to say- I will never go back again! This place is amazing! My favorite best kept secret. I am almost positive this is a "happy ending" parlor.

The place was dirty and bed linens were towels that I assume are not changed after each use. The massage beds look like they were handmade with wood and so uncomfortable.

The head rest had a paper towel over it so they do not have to sanitize after each clients. There was no documentation of massage lisences and no one spoke English. Scheduled Texas an hour, I went to pay and was charged the hour amount - fine. When I was walking out the lady followed me saying " no tip? Dark hallways, dirty front lobby where there were two asian woman doing chair massages, tumblr happy ending massage Frisco. If the waiting area is for massages, what in the world are the private rooms for??

I am a new person thanks to Shiatsu Massage! A lady named Lee Lee got on the massage table and walked on my back, pressed her knees into knots of tension and used her feet to work her magic. I was a little freaked out when she hopped up on the table. This place is a little slice of heaven in a strip mall. They break out with some ninja UFC moves to get those nasty little knots of stress outta your back!

The staff were courteous, quiet, dimmed the shop lights, had peaceful soothing music, and gave their undistracted attention. Cash only I thinklow prices, and serious massage, not for those that like soft Swedish style or fancy places. Would get more stars if they were set up for more foot massage traffic.

Like more chairs, calm atmosphere, people on staff, etc. Smh no music, small and smelt funny!!! Cheap Asian massage place. Dirty and never change the linens. Please do not come to this place. I just want to warn you, this place is Texas traditional massage place. Long story short she took off my underwear and rubbed me in all kinda of weird ways and claims it was a massage. She used suave lotion and come to think of it i dont think there was and state board license anywhere. The owner got mad at me when I used a groupon and chased me outside asking for cash.

Let me end with this I believe the lady that was working in me was actually sweating on me and rubbing it into my back! I will definitely be back! I received the full body massage and it was a mixture of shiatsu and deep tension massage. Definitely alot of pressure but worked out the knots I had in my neck and shoulders. Although there was no soothing music playing and I could hear people talking in the main room it did not bother tumblr happy ending massage Frisco at all.

The price was unbelievable!!! I purchased this groupon and had alot of problems with it, tumblr happy ending massage Frisco. The one who was in charge was eating something and spit some of it accidentally all over my shoes. He said fine and I handed the phone back to the lady.

The place was dark and very, very worn down. I asked to use the restroom and was shoved towards the back into a hallway that they share with the yogurt place next door. The bathroom was disgusting and very dirty.

When I returned to the door to go back into Renu "spa" the door was locked. I had to bang on the door until someone let me back in. The place as I stated was very rundown and old. The room she took me to was very old looking and I almost left then. The massage tables were old and uncomfortable and the sheets and towels were old and pussyassmouth.info asked me to "take clothes off! I undressed and waited for her to come in. The head rest was old and peeling and when I left I did not know that I had blue plastic pieces all over my face.

The most important part of my experience beyond this was the fact that we never discussed the type of massage I would receive, what my trouble areas where, why I was there etc. She just proceeded to torture me for almost an hour. I told her many times to go easier or not to work on a particular area. She was very rough. She insisted that it was a "deep tissue" massage and she was doing it appropriately, Texas.

Massages are supposed to relax you. She actually at one part started punching my legs. I read what some of you said about interruptions. Totally happened to me. I was very unhappy and am requesting a full refund. After I left I went to the chiropractor, no joke.

And the day after my neck and shoulders are very sore and cramped. No doubt a result of her "deep tissue" massage. I will be posting this on the groupon discussion board for them. This was the worst "massage" I have ever had. DO NOT BUY THIS! Whenever the front door opens, bells clang loudly and the staff jabbered on with one another throughout my services. For some reason, Texas, they thought we my Caucasian sister and I would enjoy relaxing to a loud Korean cooking show that was interrupted for buffering ever few minutes - how about some tranquil spa music instead?

When I was lead back to a room for the "lower back" portion of the massage, I was annoyed that another staff member came inside and talked with my female "masseuse" the whole time. This portion of the massage was a bit bizarre and uncomfortable as it involved HARD hitting on my back and a lot of rocking back and forth. Lastly, the staff barely speaks English, making reservation making and communication during services difficult.

With the stress of Kids, husband, work, and life everyone needs to take time for themselves. I have gone over a dozen times, and every time find myself renewed, refreshed and ready to take on the next piece of life. Yes, it is a different experience; however if you try it., tumblr happy ending massage Frisco. This business has been claimed by the owner or a representative. The staff were courteous, Texas, quiet, dimmed the shop lights, had peaceful soothing music, and gave their undistracted attention.

You can now request an appointment from this business directly from Yelp. Skip to Search Form. Skip to Page Content. Photo of Shiatsu Renu - Frisco, TX, United States. Kathy Platt, MS HHP. I specialize in all forms of healing, from science-based support to metaphysical transformation.

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