Erotic massage vidieos Dayton, Ohio

erotic massage vidieos Dayton, Ohio

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MASSAGE HAPPY ENDING NEAR SANFORD VIRGINIA BEACH, VIRGINIA Her massage turns into some hardcore anal fucking. There are no forum posts yet. Emo teen cums on webcam and blonde lesbian massage hd and homemade blonde. Rough latin and flora bondage massage and blanket bondage and teen. Search In South Dakota. I had not traveled North in some time but found myself by the Dayton Mall. Tiny teen massage dont cumin me and alternative tattoo teen pov and daddy, Ohio.

If this is your first visit, be sure to. You snesual massage St. Petersburg, Florida have to register. To start viewing messages. The NEW classified site is ready for testing.

If you want to help, or get a look at it click this link. Subscribe to this Thread…. This forum thread is moderated by Admin. Another JB in Kettering report. Got the digits for this nice lady and went to see her. Tricky place to find unless you follow her directions closely, but decent enough area. Biggest thing to know about her is that she is really about giving a decent massage with a HE. I was very happy with the massage. Exactly the pressure I like. She was chatty the whole time, so be prepared for that.

As reported before, effectively no teasing along the way. This goes back to her "My service is to give a massage. Might or might not repeat. More details available if you care, Ohio. Digits for seniors who post good info. So had an hour and stopped in at PT by the mall, young girl who goes by yoyo towel never came off and very mechanical massage.

I was travelling through Indy on Sunday evening and after lots of driving thought a massage would be nice. Stopped at an AMP on Shadeland Ave.

Older erotic massage vidieos Dayton but nice massage. Had a visit with JB on Saturday, she answered the texts, and then I got hung up from our meeting time, she was no problem to reschedule with later in the day. When we met, she has a nice little place, pretty clean, no drama, and no signs of use that I could see.

Took really good care of me, erotic massage vidieos Dayton massage, could use a little more tease, but that may come with time? Ended up very relaxed, as she had a special way of finishing up. Thanks to TonBug for the digits, and she said Cambodian happy ending massage Round Rock, Texas could share with select seniors also, Ohio.

Not a bad massage, but not great either. Some teasing, then flip, with attention applied to the cash erotic massage vidieos Dayton prizes.

Not much eye candy, but finished the job. New AMP in Middletown Not Watercube its on briel found on CL. Discreet location, clean but TINY rooms. Younger girls but not very attractive, a bit portly which was strange seeing such. Slight tease if you can call it that. Mediocre but butter than some massage. No DIY, no extras or hint at it. Headed up north to Piqua again, had a great massage, nice amount of tease throughout, and left very relaxed, erotic massage vidieos Dayton.

Hey guys, new to the forum but not a rook when it comes to AMP. Please pm me if you could direct me in the right way! TOFTT JB in Kettering. Nice massage with a very interesting HJ HE. Great girl, talkative, but not overwhelming.

No drug use detected. A small percentage of a large population results in a successful business. Went by the place across the street from the mall and the parking lot was busy. I drove on over to Ohio Time to try my luck. Had a great visit then but was aware things in this area had changed. I went in with low but reasonable expectations. Short story even shorter it was a waste of time. Cute girl, below average massage, no tease and no flip.

I do not understand how places like this stay in business. I am no slob, always clean, polite and know my way around these places. It is just my opinion but we all need to stop supporting places like this that provide bad basic service let alone anything "extra". It seems I run into this more in the Dayton area.

Stop supporting, paying and tipping for bad service! I had not traveled North in some time but found myself by the Dayton Mall. Better AMPs not that far away. Made a trip that took me through Columbus this past weekend and ended up finding a nice little place on the north side. Probably about an hour away and well worth the detour, Ohio.

Otherwise, you can figure it out by looking at the Erotic massage vidieos Dayton board. Stay safe out there. Just passing thru on business. You may not post new threads. You may not post replies. You may not post attachments. You may not edit your posts. BB code is On. HTML code is Off. Website owned by USASG Internet Properties, Inc. I think you answered you erotic massage vidieos Dayton question. How do they stay in business. People keep going there and paying. Rip them off and wait for them to come back.

There seems to no end to guys who keep hoping the next visit will be better. Things sure have changed there, back when Amy and Angel were there it was exciting and worthwhile. Why, when things were quiet, when one was working on you the other would come in to help out just for the fun of it. Every time they rotate the girls it can get bad or better. When there is a bust on one of the competitors, erotic massage vidieos Dayton, they get nervous and take the young girls out and replace with older ones or get closed.

When it is good, enjoy it, for it erotic massage vidieos Dayton not last. She is super ugly. They had a prettier girl in there last week idk what happened to her, erotic massage vidieos Dayton.