New york chinese massage happy ending Modesto, California

new york chinese massage happy ending Modesto, California

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There are two main kinds of Asian massage parlors AMP that offer extras in the United States: Korean Massage Parlors and Chinese Massage Parlors. Chinese massage parlors can be found in almost every major city in the United States, and sometimes even in suburbs and rural areas.

Not every Chinese massage parlor offers extras, but many do. There are some hints you can look for to help you figure out whether or not a Chinese massage parlor offers extras. The masseuses will be laid back and accepting and so you should be too. What you should never do is try to force anything or pressure the masseuse. Of course you already know that, right? If you ask you may lead the masseuse to believe you are a law enforcement agent trying to set up her up for trouble.

Or you might make a masseuse who does not offer extras uncomfortable. Luckily for you, you have the internet and especially sites like this to give you a heads up on particular places. When you walk into a parlor for the first time, simply say you want an hour massage even if a half-hour massage is on offer for less.

The staff will often ask massage happy ending orange county Charleston, South Carolina you have been there before. Many recommend saying yes no matter what, but this can be counterproductive in smaller places where they will know you are lying. The better places like Golden Spa in New York City will offer a table shower you lay down on a leather-covered massage table and an attendant washes your front and back with soap and waterCalifornia, and some middle of the road places will allow you to shower yourself in a private stand up shower before or after the massage, but most places will offer neither.

Some rooms will be normal, with walls that go up to the ceiling and locking doors, new york chinese massage happy ending Modesto. You will often be covered with a sheet or towel. It will be removed from the parts they focus on as the massage proceeds. Massages are typically done with the use of oil. Sometimes powder will be used for the massage. Often you will be asked if you want a hard or soft massage.

A hard massage involves varying amounts of pressure being applied to your back, buttocks and legs. A soft massage usually means the masseuse will lightly run her fingers over your body, giving you goosebumps and quite possibly getting you erect, new york chinese massage happy ending Modesto.

Some suggest that you try to lightly touch the masseuses lightly on the leg and if they move away that means extras are not on offer. Again, this is something I never do, California. At the most, you should try to initiate some friendly chat with the masseuse. During the massage, things will often get a bit sexy, at least from your point of view.

When the masseuse is rubbing your legs, buttocks and thighs you may get turned on. If you can get hard and keep it up, then do it, California. While not necessary, it will let the masseuse know you could use some release. Say yes of course! If extras are on offer, most places will not discuss prices before hand.

In any case, lay back and enjoy your release which will range from fast and mechanical to slow, oily and erotic. The masseuse may get topless or even naked, but this is usually not the case.

It may be more accessible if you ask for it and offer to tip a little extra. Most are okay with you rubbing their legs or ass. Feel them out, or better yet, ask. Get dressed and head out to the front.

Then give the masseuse a tip unless she asked for it in the room, usually after you blew your wad. Just accept it and take it as a lesson learned. At least you got a nice massage. The tip remains the same, California. You will have to tip each masseuse separately, so keep this in mind.

Earlier, I alluded to fly by night places set up in houses and apartments. Call ahead to make an appointment and get directions. These spots are discreet. You will knock on the door and be led into a room with a locking door.

Hand jobs are standard, but sometimes you will be offered oral sex. If you become a regular and trusted visitor, you may even be offered full service. In these places prices will normally be negotiated up front. I once found a place were the sexy middle-aged Chinese milf mamasan also did massages. As you should be able to tell from reading this, things are widely variable with Chinese massage parlors. Just go with it and try to have a good time. And this is just how Chinese massage parlors work in the California States.

Find a massage parlor near you with EroticMP. I plan to add some info in the future, but as always I have to balance risk and reward. I would really hate to cause problems for anyone. Thanks for your comment!

If oils are used, and you shower afterwards, will your significant other be able to smell? Thanks for the comment. Usually scent-free oil is used, but not always. In many cases you request that they not use oil.

Actually it was kinda fun not knowing… Thanks. Indeed there was some fun thrown in with the mystery. This is the second or third time someone has asked this on the site. You might check some reviews online to find exception. Let us know how you make out. For the females, I always take a female companion to the massage establishment.

I never go solo, plus the females love the attention! Extras are usually limited to the hands at Chinese shops, as described here in the post. There was an Asian parlor and a Russian parlor right next to each other.

I went with the Russian. I knocked on the door; and did not call ahead. There was only one woman working; she let me in the door. I took my clothes off but did not take off my underwear. I got on the table as she instructed me to do so. This is what happened……. I was on the rocks with my girlfriend at the time; so I need to unload; and she also needed to unload through conversation. This was all new to me; so I put my asshole a few inches off the ground; so she could get more access; and it was also a signal that I was new york chinese massage happy ending Modesto it.

She gave me the direct order to turn-over; and she took off her clothes, totally naked. I literally had my finger in her pussy; she at one point jumped on the table and straddled my cock.

She put her mouth on the tip of my cock too. After I blew a load; she did not ask me to leave. We continued talking while I reloaded for a second cum shot. I had to tell….

But I did not know if this was turning real, or whether this was all part of the act. After my second load; there was no desire on her end for me to leave. She wanted my phone number remember, I had knocked on the door ; and New york chinese massage happy ending Modesto was not interested in giving her my number.

Some friends of mine think she may have been cultivating a customer she thought was loaded; others think there was legit interest. I am not really sure. I got home and jumped in the pool immediately to get her pussy juices, oil, and overall stench off of my body. This is what actually happened. If so, how good is Rub Maps when getting more info for the a specific parlor? I did a review of rub maps recently. I speak Chinese and even some Korean I am never shy about what I want. Maybe speaking Chinese helps.

I walk in and tell them straight up that I want a sexy girl. When they leave to take off their clothes and come back in I am naked and stroking it … They relax and they know I am NOT a COP, Police would NEVER do that and jerking off is not illeagal in a private place… I NEVER get a bad response.

They like it cause they get tired also! Police would NEVER do that. I do two things to guage their hornyness. I massage their thighs and legs as they massage me and see if they let me stroke their pussy outside their clothes or inside, new york chinese massage happy ending Modesto. If they do then I know California are open to sexual action.

If I want to have fun with a seemingly shy girl I suspect is in to it I can tell by her body language and approach I let her massage me and when she gets to my lower back I do my best to induce an erection and start to move my hips and thrust like I am very aroused. I ALWAYS get a god response many Chinese girls are horny especially if they have not been in the USA long and are doing these jobs partially to make money and partially to experiment sexually.

YES I said to experiment sexually. That means fucking them good and cum in their mouth if they will let you that usually means I will be getting a call if I leave my number to meet later you just have to know how to bring that side out of them. When you do they love it.

There are several types of women that go for this work. I found an area in Queens where I can always get a decent massage and sexual play of FS from a number of places.

I would not call this prostitution as it it not tit for tat. I genital massage female Jacksonville, Florida always tip well but not extravagantly Some of teh best fun happens when I bring a girl in and I and teh Massage girl both massage my GF I prearrange with her to get turned on and moan and groan and pull my cock out and suck on me while theChinese girls looks on in amazement.

Production line places may be production line experiences but getting a girl from NE China the horniest who has only been in teh USA a few weeks or months and exposing her to porn bring some and other kinky diversions for teh first time in these places is REAL FUN. As for Craig it is OBVIOUS that your Russian lady was horny and into you. These are human beings that have hearts and feelings. I can count quite a few girls I met EXACTLY like you did that I had known for years and who even loved the crap out of megiving ME thousands of dollarsmeeting my family and sex any time I and they wanted and needed Fairy tales Do come true., new york chinese massage happy ending Modesto.

There are a lot of Chinese owned beauty salons in NYC that appear to offer massage services. These places often cut hair in the front, and offer massage services and a sometimes a standing shower in the back. Usually no table shower. In your experience, do these style places tend to offer extras, or completely legitimate?

Is that still the case? Do you know how the rates compare in more expensive areas like Las Vegas or San Francisco? Also, you mentioned sometimes offering to tip a bit extra. What sorts of things deserve an extra tip and what is generally considered a fair amount?

I mean, when someone has you by the man-tackle, you want to follow good etiquette! Most of these places are located in or near big cities and so the prices are almost always similar no matter where in the country they are. A few hidden gems in NYC are very cheap though. Extra services cost more when they are available typically going up in twenty or forty dollar increments as things progress.

On the very first massage, the masseuse was extremely good and said she liked massaging me very much. I was erect for most of that massage and for every massage with her since. On the last occasion, she started to give me a hand job, but it was done very rapidly and mechanically without oil and not on the right spot.

How can I get her to go slowly and use new york chinese massage happy ending Modesto And ask her to use oil?

She and I have a good understanding and it seems we like each other very much. In some places things progress naturally and in some they are limited or just never come. There may not be any thing a punter can do. What actually counts as an add-on though? Also, do you have any ideas on how to keep safe in these sorts of places?

I mean both in terms of getting scammed and getting caught red handed by people you would rather not know about it. The few that do tend to ask for a higher house fee but the tip generally remains the same. A few may offer more especially to repeat customers but that usually comes with an expectation of a higher tip too. Table showers are more common at Korean places that offer more services. That can only be avoided to some extent and a lot of it has to do with luck.

How do you know when to ask for more? I usually get hj at regular place, last time i was there girl leaned over for a kiss while doing it. Is there a sign i can advance from there? This website is for entertainment only. I have never asked for anything at a Chinese massage parlor but things were offered to me at times. Typically there are no set prices for special services.

That would probably cause problems. Usually a certain tip is agreed upon or simply understood by regulars for those who provide a particular service. So the money handed over is typically a wife has happy ending massage Springfield, Illinois fee and then a tip. In some rare California the house collects their fee and the tip up front and that includes everything.

How do you typically position your dick during massages? Any difference on a known place that gives HE vs a non HE place. My penis stays in the same position during most activities in life including massages. Most massages mainly take place with a naked customer laying down on their stomach.

When a happy ending is offered it is new york chinese massage happy ending Modesto done when the customer is instructed to flip over toward the end of the session.

You are spot on about asking for extras, new york chinese massage happy ending Modesto. If you subtly show you are enjoying this you will at least get a HJ. Only once did I get a verbal offer. In this case, she knew I had been there before and seen another masseuse. She asked me what the other one did and I lied. Got me total nudity and FS. Just had my first experience at an New york chinese massage happy ending Modesto and your details are so spot on its eerie.

Great article for anyone curious about this. I have a few questions that you may be able to answer. So privacy was a little limited. Room had no door but a flimsy cloth screen which you can kind-of see people walking by the hall way. I had a hard time staying quiet as the happy ending was erupting and it would have been nicer to have been in a real enclosed room with a real door.

She grabbed my balls in one hand with a special grip and with the other hand stroked me in a way that was new to me — it was amazing and wonderful.

I came in less than a minute. Do they use a special technique? I mean this was not a normal HJ. I would guess that people who do anything for a living would be better at it than people who are less practiced or amateur. Different places have different set ups.

There are massage shops with luxurious rooms and saunas but most tend to be on the cheap side. Partial walls and curtains are pretty common. I am new in NYC, and I will new york chinese massage happy ending Modesto recommendations of some safe and legit massage parlors, where I can have a massage with happy ending. Mail will not be published required. The contents of this website are purely fictional and intended only as adult entertainment, California.

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She grabbed my balls in one hand with a special grip and with the other hand stroked me in a way that was new to me — it was amazing and wonderful. I hope I can communicate with the guy who was working on me. A soft massage usually means the masseuse will lightly run her fingers over your body, giving you goosebumps and quite possibly getting you erect. NaughtyReviews offers a unique dating experience that allows you to have the perfect date every time. Just had my first experience at an AMP and your details are so spot on its eerie. Sex Toys, Tips and Training. Massage Parlor Bust