Happy ending massage penang Norwalk, California

happy ending massage penang Norwalk, California

Hilary Miles Flowers Ltd. opened its doors in Vancouver on 2 May The simple, modern and lush aesthetic of the boutique style store and its designs have launched.
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Aaron Kipnis Aaron is a licensed clinical psychologist with California private practice in Santa Monica, happy ending massage penang Norwalk, California. His classes include a popular course on the deep psychology of Money, happy ending massage penang Norwalk.

Kipnis has written five books, many book chapters and articles, a produced play and an award winning documentary film. The goal is simply to engage the community and show them how they can give back to charitable organizations.

Adam Frange Adam is a Global Health and Medical Sciences Teaching Assistant at Harvard Medical School. He is a founding director of Community Health Council, an international non-profit organization that provides direct health care services and undertakes research and advocacy activities on behalf of those who are sick and living in poverty around the world.

A planning member for education initiatives sponsored by the Patch Adams Teaching Center, Adam is a former research assistant and co-teacher at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, happy ending massage penang Norwalk, and has contributed to the biomechanics research of Lauder Lab at Harvard University. He has extensive experience working with a broad range of populations including individuals with obesity, chemical dependency, mood disorders, anxiety disorders, psychotic disorders, and developmental disabilities.

Presently, he maintains a private practice in West Los Angeles and Tarzana, working with adolescents and adults with chemical dependency and process addictions, mood disorders, and anxiety disorders. Over the course of his career and in each of his work settings, Dr. Silberstein has been passionately invested in the treatment of addictive and compulsive behaviors California a special interest in the assessment and treatment of overweight and obesity.

Adam Street After graduation, Adam decided he would break into the comic book industry. Some time later, he began freelancing for a small publisher, Avatar Press. Starting pay for comics is generally low so after about a year and a half he decided to get a corporate job.

Sometime later after he had Marvel Comics as his main source of income, California, he was able to leave his day job and do art full-time. A known character designer, recommended that Adam do caricatures professionally as a way to learn the skills needed to become a character designer. That same year, in addition to his comic book work, he set up shop in a mall in Arizona and began doing caricatures there for three months.

After that, he became a party artist drawing caricatures at parties. Adam says he wants everyone to view getting a happy ending massage penang Norwalk done by him as an opportunity to look fantastic and to love yourself as a cartoon. Adrienne Osborn Adrienne took a circuitous route to music. A California and a half later, Adrienne remembered her childhood dream of being a professional vocalist. She started following that dream by joining and founding several cover, jazz, and original bands.

She soon left the information technology world behind for good, trading cubicle time for studio time when she opened her vocal training studio, Performance High.

Adrienne and Stephanie Vendetti Adrienne and Stephanie are sisters, best friends, natural-born redheads and co-founders of How to be a Redhead. They took it upon themselves to test and try all different types of products and love expressing their fun redhead personalities with fun pops of color in their wardrobe.

Aiyanna Meghoo-McDonald Aiyanna happy ending massage penang Norwalk a former teacher who decided to use her life experiences as an English teacher in the US and abroad, as well as being a substance abuse counselor, to start a nonprofit organization and develop a cultural diversity and travel program for youth called The Xchange Project.

She currently works with students in the Atlanta metro area and in Ethiopia. The Xchange Project uses technology, hands on experience, and real-time interaction to teach youth how to challenge their own conceptions of other cultures and to discover differences and similarities between everyone — basically viewing themselves as part of the human community, happy ending massage penang Norwalk.

He worked in minimum wage jobs or was unemployed until he joined the US Army. Thereafter, Al received first his BA, then an MA, California, and a PhD in History. Most of his work deals with human rights issues, war and peace, and religious bigotry. Alan Malizia As a child, Alan was stricken with polio.

Instead of complaining, Alan channeled his energy into sports and education. He also wrote an amazing book called The Little Red Chair about growing up with polio and his gratitude for all the people in his life. Additionally, she has extensive knowledge of psychoactive medications within every age group. Her introduction to prescription pills came after an auto accident required nearly three dozen surgeries that left her plagued with insomnia, anxiety and pain.

Eventually, she decided she wanted her life back and being unable to find help, she chose to go cold-turkey. The excruciating withdrawals gave her an inside view of prescription addiction that she says is affecting millions of people today. Alex and Brandon Jones Alex and Brandon are two brothers from Colorado who invented California extraordinary new device — a router and tablet combined with an Android operating system!

What they came up with is known as the Soap Router and it acts as a home automation, security and parental control hub! This router can prevent kids from being bullied by allowing parents to set up content triggers; it lets parents have TOTAL control over their computers in the home; it traps hackers through fake weak spots in your network; and it stops you from having to download virus and malware protection on each computer — you just do it once on the Soap router and it takes care of all the computers in your home and it continually updates and controls all home automation.

Alex and Brandon say the possibilities are endless with the Android operating system. Hello Perfect is a growing community of people redefining perfection and inspiring others to accomplish their dreams! She says she started Hello Perfect because, growing up, she always had self-esteem issues. She then realized that all of this negativity was holding her back and preventing her woman massages Westminster, Colorado going after her dreams.

She is the national spokesperson for the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, an Air Ambassador for Earthjustice in Washington D. Lopez Alfredo was born in Guadalajara, Mexico, and was raised in poverty in South Central Los Angeles. It was there, however, that he says he forged a deep understanding California human behavior.

He says he excelled at school at an early age, not just academically, but also in terms of social persuasion. Eventually he found himself leaving the ghetto and he was the first in his family to attend university. At UC Santa Cruz he received a B. Formerly, he was a teacher, and at various times taught Middle School and High School classes in Humanities, English, Writing, and History. He says his aim for the next few years will be to design courses in connection with his online business that will help professionals manage stress, spark creativity, and create a larger sense of well-being.

Always a writer, she dedicated herself full-time to writing after she became estranged from her parents. Twelve years later, she forgave herself and her parents in order to move through her struggle, so she could help other writers find their voice. First they must dream their story and then they must build it. Gabriel is the Associate Professor of Surgery at Loma Linda University Medical Center and in private practice in Vancouver, Washington.

He remains involved with community outreach supporting breast cancer patients and participating in third world country mission trips. Through his books and his presentations, Allen shows people worldwide how to deal with everything from traffic jams to tragedies. He saw how humor helped her, and those around her, California, cope.

He also saw how humor helped him get through that loss. He now teaches others how to find humor in trying times as well as how the power of words can help us stay positive in a not-so-positive world.

And he is well suited to his subject. Among those productions was one you probably remember—the Captain Kangaroo show. Allison Fleece Allison is the co-founder of WHOA travel. WHOA is a New York based boutique adventure travel company for women, by women, that curates high adventure bucket list trips. At the heart of every WHOA adventure is a giving back component that connects with and benefits local women in the communities they adventure to.

She is happy ending massage penang Norwalk living her dream of motivating women around the world to step out of their comfort zones and take on the world! He survived five camps. His autobiography is a testimony to an unfolding tragedy taking place in WWII. Her passion is making health and fitness accessible to everyone. Her teaching style is simple and fun. Inspired by his success and her training style, he suggested they make a kettlebell training DVD together, which resulted in the Ultimate Kettlebell DVD series.

Fed up with the quick-fix weight-loss gimmicks that prey on the desperate, his love of people and business partnership with Alysia formed his vision for LiveFit Revolution. Four years later, his vision is still clear: to help millions of Americans reach their goals through free-of-charge healthy lifestyle education. She earned her Masters Degree in Happy ending massage penang Norwalk Management and Marketing in her home country of South Africa.

Her marketing expertise includes raising awareness and driving profits for consumer packaged goods, sports marketing, legal professionals, event specialists, California, retail stores, gourmet foods, non-profit organizations, fundraisers, events, California, radio personalities, and musicians, beauty, and health care professionals.

As the granddaughter of a Frenchman who gave up his language and California to become American, Andrea always wondered what it meant to be French besides having a last name that no one could spell or pronounce. French foreign language studies all throughout high school and college only whetted her thirst for more knowledge. She says the experience was not what she hoped it would be. Her first semester in Paris was plagued with disappointment, frustration and the ups and downs that come with being twenty years old.

Andrea almost gave up on her dream to live in France but persevered and stayed the year. Studying abroad was not just a chance to connect with her French roots and improve her linguistic skills; It was a chance to grow into an adult. The game teaches resilience and it improves communication and attention skills, all while encouraging children to be socially responsible.

He has led the conception, creation, design and development of ForestNation, and is committed to encouraging everyone to grow their own tree.

It will help you connect with nature, and help us all connect with each other. The website strives to educate individuals in making wise choices about credit and debt, investing, education, real estate, insurance, spending, and more. Andrew Thorn Andrew provides behavioral based leadership strategies to individuals who are seeking to bring their personal and professional responsibilities into full harmony. He holds a PhD in Consulting Psychology, a Masters in Business Administration from Pepperdine University and a Masters in Personal and Executive Coaching.

She was drawn to yoga after she experienced an injury. She says her mission is to bring all ages and abilities to yoga and that she wants everyone to have a positive experience.

Annamarie Pluhar Annamarie is on a mission to help those struggling with being alone or who suddenly find themselves alone to discover California sharing housing with another can be an excellent solution.

Her book Sharing Housing, A Guidebook for Finding and Keeping Good Housemates grew out of her personal experience of living in shared housing, combined with her expertise in group process and interpersonal relations. Annamarie consults and conducts workshops that support individuals in their quest to find good housemates. Her website contains commentary, blog postings, links to resources, an interviewing checklist and downloadable worksheets for home sharers everywhere.

She loves partnering in the process of mentoring towards new levels of success. Her clients report that they experience a shift in perspective and increased flexibility of life choices as a result of working together. These experiences offer the opportunity to create positive, often life changing results. Anne-Sophie Reinhardt Anne-Sophie Reinhardt is a body image expert, self-love coach and the author of The Ultimate Guide to a Healthy Body Image.

Not only has her story and her message been the focus of a national Swiss documentary, but she has also been a guest on Swiss national TV. Her work has been published on sites such as the Huffington Post, Copyblogger, Problogger and She Takes on the World.

Annette Johnson Annette speaks passionately about the importance of women empowering themselves to create the life they desire. Rabbi Areyah Kaltmann Rabbi Kaltmann received his rabbinical ordination in Brooklyn.

He has been a guest lecturer at the Ohio State University. He provided crisis counseling and drug intervention counseling for students. Under his direction, students took leadership positions at the Chabad House and organizations in planning educational social and cultural programs for OSU.

It is a volunteer network of teenagers and college students working with children who have special needs. It is housed in the new Lori Schottenstein Chabad Center in New Albany, Ohio, California.

After years of personal family medical struggles Ari decided that there had to be a better way to find the right doctor, SO HE CREATED ONE, California. BetterDoctor offers simple to use web and mobile apps that let you find the right doctor in minutes. Select what kind of doctor you are looking for, pick your insurance plan and see a list of verified better doctors near you. During this time Ariel was a dance major at LaGuardia High School of Music and Art and the Performing Arts and studied with Elisa King Zvi Gotheiner DanceBrunhilda Ruiz The Joffrey BalletMichelle Benash American Ballet Theater and Penny Frank Martha Graham Dance Company.

She earned a B. Her work has been presented at the Saratoga Dance Museum, Baruch Performing Arts Center, From the Ground Festival, University Settlement and the Derriere Guard Festival. She teaches at the Jewish Community Project Early Childhood Center in lower Manhattan and has developed and currently administers an arts curriculum program incorporating dance, visual art and music for young learners.

After earning a degree in Chemistry from Grinnell College, he pursued a music career while teaching in the Atlanta, Nashville and Houston public school systems. His strong sense of faith and a little help from fate provided him an opportunity to train and travel internationally under the same vocal coach of several Arista Records artists, happy ending massage penang Norwalk.

He also has an MBA from Rice University. Working in real estate development, happy ending massage penang Norwalk, he completed his own development projects and transitioned into corporate real estate for the world resource his state of Texas is known for: Oil.

Ashley Wiley Ashley is an acne expert. She says acne is actually a hereditary disorder of the pores in which the pore may shed a significant amount of dead skin cells on a daily basis. Hormonal changes can lead to inflammation and infection. Foods high in iodides and hormones can magnify this and thus California welcomes inflammation. Ashley says this condition can be very difficult to treat and many skincare professionals have little to no success in clearing the acne problems of their patients, happy ending massage penang Norwalk.

She says many Estheticians and Dermatologists have the best intentions at heart … but they may not have all the necessary information. Her goal is to get them clear, to salvage their hope and help them regain their lost confidence.

Aubrey de Grey, Ph. Aubrey de Happy ending massage penang Norwalk is an English author and theoretician in the field of gerontology, and the Chief Science Officer of the SENS Research Foundation. He is known for his view that human beings alive today could live to lifespans far in excess of any authenticated cases, happy ending massage penang Norwalk. His research focuses on whether regenerative medicine can thwart the aging process.

To this end, he has identified seven types of molecular and cellular damage caused by essential metabolic processes. SENS is a proposed panel of therapies designed to repair this damage. Cohen received his doctor of chiropractic degree from Life University in Atlanta, GA, California. He received his undergraduate training at Virginia Commonwealth University and received a Bachelor of Science in Biology. Cohen has received post-doctorate training in structural care through Chiropractic Biophysics and has done research on how healthy posture relates to optimal function.

Cohen began going to a homeless shelter once a month, providing free chiropractic adjustments to the men at the shelter. Since then, other chiropractors have begun adjusting in different homeless shelters throughout the country and from this they are creating their own mission work in their own cities. Bailie Slevin Bailie started her professional career as a theatrical stage manager, working many Off and Off-Off Broadway shows while holding down a day job at a talent agency.

During this time, she was barely making enough money to live and thus she racked up debt and felt miserable, happy ending massage penang Norwalk. When she finally left the talent agency, it was to get a degree in massage therapy. Barb is an intuitive, a certified life coach and productivity coach — a perfect combination of savvy and soulfulness, happy ending massage penang Norwalk. She understands the pressures of being a working woman, wife and mother and has overcome some challenges in her own life, including divorce, alcoholism and a bi-lateral mastectomy.

She currently lives in California. She decided to change her life when she decided to stop being invisible and instead became very public about her homelessness by giving a TED Global Talk on that very subject. Her goal is to feed homeless villagers who are starving after a freak hailstorm destroyed their crops, their homes and their lives. Betsy Karp Betsy is known as The Colour Coach, happy ending massage penang Norwalk. Her ability to help women find connection, happiness, and their true self comes from her background.

Birgitta Lauren Being told she came running out of the womb, no one was surprised when Birgitta never stopped moving and proceeded to spend her career studying, coaching, speaking and writing on fitness and health. Rabbi Bob Alper Bob is an ordained rabbi who served congregations for fourteen years and holds a doctorate from Princeton Theological Seminary.

Bob performs all across North America and England, at corporate events, theatres, non-profits, conventions, private parties, churches, and, naturally, synagogues. California Miller Bob is a former international entrepreneur, author, speaker and consultant, happy ending massage penang Norwalk. After repeated trips, California, then moving to Guadalajara, and five years of bureaucratic hoop jumping, California, he became the adopted father of two children. The experience of seeing the developmental differences between children being raised in a family and those still in institutions led him to begin Our Family Orphan Communities, Inc.

His favorite application is where orphans benefit by being adopted while at the same time economies and societies improve, California. Bobby says it would have been easy to see himself as a victim in those instances. He says he decided that his then present course would not lead him to the life he had envisioned for himself.

So he made changes. He says he took responsibility for his life… and then things started to happen. He went back to school to become a nutrition counselor. He started a company that helps dogs in need. He lives a life he says he loves. Boysen has been featured in numerous radio programs and publications including a New Conversation with Men, Good Men Project, Dallas Voice, and the Sunday Times of London.

Bradley Nelson Author and international lecturer in bio-energetic medicine and energy psychology, Dr. Brad has successfully used The Emotion Code with thousands of patients around the globe to relieve symptoms and often affect cures in conditions ranging from depression to cancer.

He says that he believes his work is a sacred calling. In response to this calling, Dr. After graduating with honors, he began his practice as a holistic chiropractic physician and saw a wide variety of patients, many of whom had seemingly incurable conditions. Through study in disciplines such as ancient medical practices, psychology and quantum physics as well as the guidance of his own spiritual practice, Dr.

Brad says he discovered that packets of unprocessed emotion were the basis of most conditions and that releasing these emotions is the happy ending massage penang Norwalk step toward healing.

Brandon Peele Brandon left the lucrative world of investment banking and technology startups to go on a journey within, California. The results of that journey are two projects that transform the human species, moving us towards deep connected living. Brandon is also the creator of the Continuum Development Index, California, a holistic human potential measurement tool that addresses the multigenerational nature of our species and quantifies the quality of our consciousness.

Having authored four books, Brian is now completing a fifth self-improvement title, Be Yourself to Free Yourself! Bryan Toder Bryan is a professional hypnotist, California, speaker and writer and owner of Plymouth Hypnosis Center in Lafayette Hill, PA where he helps people lose weight, quit smoking, manage stress and basically get their life together. Also known as The No Fear Guy, Bryan helps people get over their fears of public speaking, technology, sales, social anxiety, driving, flying and more.!

Bryan has written the book Get Thin—Be Happy: The Six Easy Steps To Weight Loss Success. She does this by creating a safe and secure environment for them to learn and grow while they tackle life challenges.

Her unique background blend of psychotherapy, life coaching and wellness coaching allows the client to get to the underlying cause of their issues quicker, safer and produce results faster. She founded The Addictions Academy and has teamed up with Diversified Intervention Group to offer Recovery Coaching, Intervention, happy ending massage penang Norwalk, Anger Management and Family Recovery Coaching Certifications to Professionals Internationally. Talmadge Boomer women who want to experience a powerful inner shift take their intuitive skills to an entirely new level by meeting their spirit guides with help from inner shift specialist Candace L.

She also says conscious guides relationship is also a powerful boost to their creativity. Her mission is to awaken others to the unlimited practical benefits of true holistic living, which actively incorporates the spiritual and emotional bodies as well as the physical and mental self. Cara Citrowske Cara comes from a long-line of smart and funny women who were also smokers and she says she watched tobacco wreck their health and self-esteem.

During her career as a corporate wellness coach, Cara had the opportunity to train at the Mayo Clinic to become a Certified Tobacco Treatment Specialist. She owns and operates Carol Michaels Fitness and Recovery Fitness and is a consultant, author, speaker, Pilates California, and cancer exercise specialist.

She is on the advisory board of Living Beyond Breast Cancer and other cancer organizations, and has appeared on health related television programs. She says she was bored out of her mind in school and wanted to go to work to help her family which was struggling financially. Her real estate business grew rapidly to a multi million dollar business that gave her the freedom to do the work that she discovered to be her calling; ending the abuse and trade in big cats.

Cassie Celestain Cassie is a wife, runner and marriage blogger. She enjoys reading, learning new skills and making a difference in the lives of others. She believes she should use her talents not only for her benefit but to aid others as well.

In college, she began running a mile a day just to stay in shape. He was a lover of books and an incredibly unique person. Through his ability to demonstrate extraordinary feats of the mind, as well as educate others to do the same, this U.

Memory Champion is widely regarded as one of the greatest memory experts in the world. His memory talents have been featured in numerous media outlets including the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, CNN, NBC, ABC and PBS. While he understands he has an exceptional skill, he also believes that every person has the ability to demonstrate amazing abilities with their memory given the proper techniques and guidance. Chester has developed a knack for passing on valuable memory techniques in ways that are easy to understand and retain for years to come.

Chris Berry At the age of California, while working as a wilderness ranger in the High Sierras, Chris received the name Shaum Toosa in a vision. After this vision, a synchronistic series of events led Toosa on a quest for a sacred instrument played by the Shona people of Zimbabwe called the Mbira. Toosa journeyed to Zimbabwe to study the Mbira, California, but found that the instrument was used primarily to call California at ceremonies. Learning the instrument meant attending many ceremonies, over the ten years that Chris lived with his adopted Shona family.

This initial material is the result of over seven years of interaction with these beings. Toosa now lives on the Big Island of Hawaii, only miles from where lava falls into the ocean, happy ending massage penang Norwalk, a sacred symbol of the fire in the water. It is here, on their eighteen acre farm that Toosa and his wife, Jillian Taliwa host Bana Kuma events, ceremonies and in-depth training on the art of Bana Kuma.

Smith has explored a number of spiritual perspectives and practices on his own faith journey. While being a Presbyterian minister, he has specialized training in working with people from a diversity of spiritual perspectives. Within mainline religions, you will find him being equally comfortable donning a yarmulke taking Jewish cadets to a synagogue, exploring vocational questions with a Catholic counseling client, praying with a Pentecostal hospital patient, encouraging a Muslim client to seek guidance in the Quran or leading worship in a Presbyterian congregation, California.

His theological training was at Yale University and he has completed specialized training for hospital and military chaplaincy. His breadth of experience and knowledge allows his to engage people about their own spirituality, whether the roots of the spirituality are in religion or elsewhere.

It worked for him. Today his mission is inspiring people to take control of their health and reverse disease with a radical transformation of diet and lifestyle. Chris has a health blog that has reached millions of people worldwide and he has made many appearances on radio and television including The Ricki Lake Show and The Lisa Oz Show.

Chuck Gallagher Currently COO of a national company and former Sr. In the middle of a rising career, Chuck lost everything because he made some bad, unethical choices. He has since rebuilt his career and his life back to immense success. With more vulnerability than the average keynoter, California, Chuck shares with his audiences his life journey, the consequences of his unethical choices, and how life gives you second chances when you make the right choices.

He believes lawn care is the oldest profession known to humanity, so we ought to be pretty good at it by now. He also says he has a tenacious, persistent, happy ending massage penang Norwalk, getter-done attitude to go along with it. He says his job and industry has been a natural health club workout, without paying dues at a gym.

She received her doctorate in counseling psychology from Rutgers University. Collin Castellaw Coach Castellaw has been involved in basketball at multiple levels for many years. After picking up a basketball for the first time in kindergarten, he fell in love with the sport.

Collin played all through school and has been actively involved in the basketball community for many years, including school sports, AAU, skill camps and personal training.

Now he also enjoys conducting skills camps and providing personal one-on-one training. He has worked with all ages of athletes to improve, and thoroughly enjoys helping them reach new levels of their game. Her mission is the development of practical, effective educational solutions for students and their families via purposeful collaboration with parents, guardians, and educational resources.

Her roots are in the Philadelphia community, both as a lifelong resident, and as an educator. She believes this helps her to have an intimate knowledge of not only the educational concerns faced by Philadelphia, but specifically those issues that are experienced in large, urban and diverse populations.

When she was a student of the School District of Philadelphia, she was fortunate enough to have a father who respectfully collaborated with her teachers and educational institutions on her behalf. Only then was she was surprised to find that this devastating anxiety was one of her greatest teachers that served as a massive catalyst for spiritual growth.

Today, Corinne is a keynote speaker, an adjunct professor of Counselor Education, a counselor, a Board Certified Coach, and a mindfulness happy ending massage penang Norwalk teacher. She holds an Educational Specialist Degree in Counseling, a Master of Arts in Counseling, and a B. Craig Wolfe A few years ago, Craig decided to take on their foreign competition head on by becoming the only one in his industry making their products in the USA.

Cynthia Fabian Cynthia is an author and speaker who resides in New Jersey. She spent most of her life as a teacher of English and ESL. Though she no longer teaches, she continues to help children to cope with all types of obstacles in their lives. She says she only hopes that children and their families can find happiness and acceptance in their lives. She believes there are moments when you know that things will shape your life and there are many others where you happy ending massage penang Norwalk no idea where those things will take you.

Cynthia Luce Cynthia is a mother, happy ending massage penang Norwalk, friend and compassionate woman sharing her book, Invisible Girlto inspire people to implement change, California. She wants people to see what is necessary so we can collectively work to help save or alter the path of our youth. Invisible Girl provides personal narratives of serious problems plaguing society today revealing what happens when children go unseen, unheard, and remain invisible.

Cynthia opens up in an incredibly insightful manner, addressing concerns that destroy our youth and change the path of their future. She takes you on an invaluable and heart wrenching journey to understand what happens to children who are subjected to being bullied, living in foster homes, surviving California the streets, in abusive situations, and more. She shares painful experiences that torment children, often at the hands of adults.

Even more importantly, she offers solutions to the problems she presents. She did not come from a family of alcoholics, yet she says both of her parents were depressed. She never entered into the world of hallucinogenics or heroin, as those did not appeal to her. Her first drug of choice was alcohol. She says that from the first time she started drinking she would, for the most part, get very sick, throw up and then blacking out.

She says she never passed California but blacking out was common for her. She says her personality would change depending on the circumstances. She never knew if she was going to have an enjoyable evening or if she would turn violent and angry. She says she sought counseling briefly. The therapist suggested that she may have a drinking problem.

One day, that all changed. Dale Stanten Many people have a one career in their lifetime. She is on her fourth. While raising her young family, Dale obtained her RN degree and practiced psychiatric nursing. She then parlayed her medical and sales experience to become CEO of her Destination Management Company which for twenty years organized conventions, corporate events, and meetings for national and international guests, California.

Dale conducted numerous educational seminars and assisted in developing a tourism college real and sexy happy ending massage huge cock Paterson, New Jersey program. During her fourth career, she penned her memoir and has immersed herself in the marketing process.

Through her speaking engagements, she hopes to help others overcome difficult circumstances by learning from her own personal life experiences. Finding problems like his were far too common, and that financial trends of the insurance industry show the magnitude of the problem is worsening, California, Dan dedicated himself to paying forward his experience and helping others avoid similar situations.

He is using his technology background to develop happy ending massage penang Norwalk that help people purchase insurance. The company Dan founded, Injured Money, is the first company ever to provide information on which insurance companies are the best for paying claims, the best at loss compensation and the best at providing good, quality service.

Dan is also a published author writing books and guides on how to best work with insurance companies. Most importantly, Dan and Injured Money have no affiliation with the insurance industry, making the information they provide neutral and without bias. Dana Case Dana serves as Director of Operations at pussyassmouth.info Her history of supporting entrepreneurs and small business owners with the company is extensive. She started as a leader within the customer service team and evolved to management of sales and customer service.

Dana also enjoys spending time with her young son and volunteering at his school and the local boys and girls club. This revelation led to a night of trying to find more letters and messages in the design. It was this finding that inspired them to start Zymbol — a company whose flagship design represents all the letters A-Z and whose jewelry could mean anything to anyone happy ending massage penang Norwalk the message possibilities are endless!

People from all walks of California wear Zymbol containing their personal message of inspiration — from breast cancer survivors to members of the military. For every Zymbol sold, one is gifted to a child in the hospital. Kids trace out messages like, HOPE, LOVE, NEVER GIVE UP and YOU ARE A WARRIOR. Before he left, a friend at Boalt Hall Berkeley Law School and a few of his grad school friends confronted him asking why the USA was in Vietnam, happy ending massage penang Norwalk.

Carefully taught the domino theory, which speculated that if one state in a region came under the influence of communism, then the surrounding countries would follow in a domino effect, he supported the war effort with a passion. His friends used their astute knowledge to poke holes in his arguments. That confrontation started the spark that ignited his transformation from what he describes as being a pawn in the Navy to a civil rights attorney for California poor and powerless.

Daniel was propelled into a powerful movement that was an answer to his dream, California. Submerging himself into the cutting edge of civil rights and consumer litigation, he was a member of a team using all the energy he possessed. Areyvut offers Jewish day schools, congregational schools, synagogues, community centers and families a variety of opportunities to empower and enrich their youth by creating innovative programs that make these core Jewish values real and meaningful to them.

He also serves as a Board Member for Tzedakah, Inc. Daniel is active in his community and serves on the Middot Committee at Yeshivat Noam and volunteers for Bikur Cholim of Teaneck. Daniel facilitates a group of Mitzvah Clowns who regularly visit senior centers and children with special needs. He has coached youth baseball, basketball and soccer and is active Bergen LEADS, a unique leadership program in Bergen County. Danielle Hark She is also a mental health advocate, and founder of pussyassmouth.info, the online photography gallery for people living with or affected by mental illness.

As someone who has struggled with mental health issues, California, her mission is to help as many people as possible who are struggling, by using photography and creativity. Danny Kofke Danny is currently a special education teacher in Georgia. He is living proof that a family can live wealthy on little money. Darline Yatim Darline Yatim is the owner of Shrewsbury Health and Racquet Club SHARC in Shrewsbury MA. Darline, who had never before struggled with weight, developed eating issues after an unfortunate turn of events at her job.

From there, she explored every fad diet there was, receiving no results. Finding herself undergoing a high-risk pregnancy because of her weight, she realized she had to be healthy not only to save her own life, but for her children. Her health transformation began when she volunteered as a swim instructor so that her kids could get free swim lessons.

Re-discovering her health, Darline moved her way up as manager of another health club, which soon led her into the front doors of SHARC and later to becoming its owner. Now, she works closely happy ending massage penang Norwalk her members and her community toward helping others maintain a healthy lifestyle.

His design skills and experience range from traditional architecture practice to theatrical scenic design. One of his most memorable experiences was working on the Glacier Run project at the Louisville Zoo. Architecture has turned out to be a perfect fit for Dave, combining both the technical happy ending massage penang Norwalk creative aspects of his personality. David Kekich David is a recognized expert on longevity science.

He believes human beings will someday be able to enjoy very long healthy life spans by studying aging, the root cause of most deadly diseases.

His solution was to further aging research and move it forward by establishing the Maximum Life Foundation. In addition, he orchestrated one of the most innovative internship programs ever created which has become a staple for organizations today. David is a Mikisew Cree First Nation who overcame his fight with Leukemia, chronicled in his memoir, Bad to the Bone: The True Story of David Tuccaro Jr. Born and raised in Ft. McMurray, California, Canada, he shares his tumultuous journey of self-discovery through pain, hopelessness and feelings of inadequacy to inspire others to overcome adversity.

After finding his purpose, David is living out his passion of teaching others to save lives by encouraging others to become registered bone marrow donors. Deborah Barnes She says she never thought that one day all of these passions would come together full circle to where she is today — an award winning blogger, self-published author, and renowned cat advocate. Denny Daniel Denny is the curator and founder of the Museum of Interesting Things. The Museum of Interesting Things is an interactive traveling exhibition of antiques and inventions.

Robinson X aka Egypt Egypt describes himself as a South Floridian who was raised in a single parent household, where sacrifice, struggle and love was a daily meal served.

Her fourth and most recent poetry collection is called Lust. Diana has been writing since childhood, when her mother gave her a journal to help her cope with the loss of her beloved grandmother to suicide. Diana teaches creative journaling, memoir writing and poetry around the country. A parent herself, Lang has taught Positive Parenting to parents and written extensively on the benefits of using it with even the youngest children, California.

For the book, Dipak drew on his prior writing experience in historical fiction. Don Stewart Don continued to sketch as a hobby while attending medical school and throughout his surgical internship at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. Stewart managed to win awards for short fiction and poetry, and successfully published his first two composite drawings. He finished his internship, earned his medical license, and promptly turned his full attention to drawing.

For the past twenty-seven years Don Stewart has made his living as a self-styled Visual Humorist, hammering words and pictures together at the DS Art Studio Gallery in Birmingham, Alabama, happy ending massage penang Norwalk.

Doreen Taylor Best characterized as an eclectic talent with popular musical influences like Shania Twain, Faith Hill, Martina McBride, and Celine Dion, Doreen Taylor is an award winning singer. She has received critical acclaim as one of the best young songwriting talents in the industry.

Her angelic voice truly sets her as a musical force to be reckoned with and her captivating melodies and extremely expressive lyrics explore boundless depths of her heart and soul.

Doreen has played numerous leading roles in various companies on and off Broadway-including Christine in Phantom of the Opera opposite musical theater legend, Davis Gaines.

She has performed in several one-woman shows in Atlantic City and Las Vegas. Before her love for music, Doreen wanted to be a doctor and applied for pre-med.

After Doreen realized music was her one true love moved forward and has never looked back. Dorothy Pang Dorothy is a Licensed Acupuncturist and a Natural Fertility Expert. The Natural Fertility Center is dedicated to helping women across the United States utilize acupuncture principles, stress management, and rejuvenating practices to move towards youthfulness and fertility.

Through her programs, Dorothy helps women increase their chances of conception, create balance in their lives, and find inner peace, California. Douglas Won, MD Douglas Won, MD, FAAOS, is the founder and director of Minimally Invasive SpineCARE and Star Medical Center, which are divisions of Lumin Health. Won employs the most non-invasive methods possible. Such a small incision, performed with the right tools, results in less damage to the skin and muscles, less blood loss, less pain and a faster recovery time.

He never considered pursuing a medical degree because he found the idea of being trained in how to use drugs to treat symptoms a waste of time.

All of his recent publications challenge the accepted dogma of the medical establishment, California. He considers it a challenge whenever he reads a medical article that describes results as paradoxical or counterintuitive. From their point of view, this means that the results are not what they were taught to expect. His research involves categorizing the known properties of the hormone receptors and identifying which California help cancer grow and which ones help kill the cancer cells.

Eileen is a Certified Professional Organizer and she works with her clients to uncover the causes of disorganization in their lives and helps them conquer it Elise Miao Born in China, Preacher Miao received her college education in Switzerland and graduated Magna Cum Laude with an American bachelors degree from WSU.

Due to health problems, she worked in five different industries in Hong Kong. She says this has fundamentally transformed her life, physically, mentally and spiritually. Finance, and many more. She is a business correspondent on the national news, and a frequent featured speaker at conferences and events in the business community.

Elle remains a dedicated contributor to the community through her volunteer work as a career mentor with everyone from fellow female executives to local high school students. She continuously works to improve the underrepresentation of women in executive positions and in finance, and to empower women in all fields. Her powerful step-by-step program for growing younger combines cutting-edge research in neuroscience and cell biology with ancient esoteric teachings happy ending massage penang Norwalk a deep trust in Spirit and the power of the mind.

She offers herself as living proof that these practices work. Elliott Katz Elliott is a professional speechwriter in Toronto, Canada and the author of seven nonfiction books. After the end of a relationship, he sought to learn about being a man in a relationship. He found books on marriage and relationships that said little to him. As he looked deeper, he says he found California timeless insights in the lessons that fathers and other older male role models have been teaching younger men for years.

Elvira Kalnik Elvira was born in the Ukraine to a family of open-minded people, who tried very hard to survive in the former Soviet Union, where everything from the Western culture was forbidden.

She says her parents somehow managed to expose her to European and American music and literature at a very early age. She started to perform with a band of like-minded people and organized charity concerts for people in need of help. Coaches who once had four or more years to prove themselves sometimes get cut loose in half that time, as administrators show less and less tolerance for losing.

Assistant happy ending massage penang Norwalk, who almost always lose their jobs when their bosses go, often have the hardest time making it back in. Emad Rahim Emad is a Khmer American who came to the USA as a refugee. He was born in a concentration camp in the Killing Fields of Cambodia. On the day he was born, his father was being tortured and eventually executed.

His older brother died of starvation and sickness in the concentration camp. Emad and the rest of his family eventually escaped and ended up in a refugee camp in Thailand, which lead to their eventual sponsorship to come to America.

Like many refugees in America, Emad and his family struggled with poverty, violence, racism, identity and literacy. While living in Brooklyn, Emad was shot in the leg during a block party which forced his mother to relocate them to Syracuse. He was selling drugs, getting into fights, hanging out with gang members and was even stabbed, California.

D Emma is an academic historian and writer who was born in the UK but has more recently lived in Canada, the US and now Australia. After seeing, first hand, the effects of slavery—both that endured centuries ago and in recent times—she felt compelled to become a filmmaker and anti-slavery campaigner to try and put an end to this age-old practice. When she found a remote chiefdom California Sierra Leone where people recognized and could join in with the remembered songs, she arranged for a reunion trip.

She believes their story helps us all to understand the power of family, happy ending massage penang Norwalk, belonging and hope. Pearl says anyone can become proficient in Reconnective Healing in just two days so they can aid others—or even their loved ones—and achieve the same results.

Eric Thiegs Eric is the CEO and Founder of pussyassmouth.info The idea of sharing California is a happy ending massage penang Norwalk concept…but a powerful mission. All of the contributing users for Stage of Life add to a multi-generational voice that Eric hopes will help change the world, one story at a time, as people become life-long readers and writers.

Founder of a multi-media health and wellness platform, California, she provides consulting and counseling solutions for clients by providing them with tools on how to reach emotional, happy ending massage penang Norwalk, mental and physical freedom in places where they were previously stuck. Erica holds a Bachelor degree in Literature from the University of Arizona and a degree as a California State Certified Drug and Alcohol Counselor, CADAC-I from the California of California, Los Angeles.

Erich Nall Coach E, has been a prominent figure in the Los Angeles community throughout his life as an educator and promoter of health, physical fitness and self-improvement. A product of South Los Angeles himself, his desire led him to become the Founder of Collegiate Search Youth Organization. While Erich was offering a fitness program to the youth, he felt compelled to bring health and wellness to the community at large.

Since its inception, Coach E. He has trained professional basketball, soccer happy ending asian massage san diego Indianapolis, Indiana football players, including: NFL star performers. Erin Summ Erin helps women in their first year of business, who struggle getting clients because they lack the confidence in themselves as a new business owner.

They fear failing in their business and going back to a J. B, because they would have to give up their dream of making the difference in the world they are called to make. Erin gives dynamic, educational and empowering presentations and workshops on how to let go of fear to run ones business with confidence, Mindset Mastery, and breaking down barriers to turn ones vision into reality.

Erin holds a bachelors degree in Psychology and is a Certified Professional Coach through the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching. After forty eight years of service to the Palm Beach County School District, she retired for two years, only to return back to the system as a classroom teacher and later as a Guidance Counselor. Born in Washington D. With her diverse upbringing and extensive education, she hopes to shed light on important issues worldwide.

She received a BA in Art History from Columbia University and an MA in Piano Performance from New York University. She teaches at The Curtis Institute of Music and Columbia University-Teachers College and is a professional mentor at The Juilliard School. Eyal Maoz Based in New York City, the Israeli born Eyal Maoz is a sought after composer, guitarist, and bandleader. Eyal started to explore jazz, rock and avant-garde music at an early age. After a successful guitar solo tour in Austria, happy ending massage penang Norwalk, he also completed a guitar tour in China, playing solo as well as performing with local musicians from straight-ahead jazz aficionados to extreme avant-garde noisemakers.

Faith McCune Faith says that, as a child, she lived an idyllic life, nurtured by a father who doted on her and encouraged her in California she did. One of her early dreams was to be a writer. Unfortunately, her father succumbed to cancer when she was eight and her downward spiral began.

With no positive influence in her life, she turned inward and eventually spent years alone and isolated, riddled with self-doubt, insecurities, and sadness. She says her mother, at a loss to help, decided to give her a puppy. Eventually, dogs became her passion as well as a lifeline. One event changed everything.

Francesca Harper Francesca blends original choreography, dance, music and film to create groundbreaking works that are category-defying. She was raised in New York City, happy ending massage penang Norwalk, where she studied at the School of American Ballet, the Joffrey Ballet School, The Ailey School, and under Madame Darvash and Barbara Walczak. She played the role of Helene opposite Molly Ringwald in a national tour of Sweet Charity, and the role of Judith originated by Judith Jamison in a revival of Sophisticated Ladies, California.

She says these principles reveal how to develop relationships that will not only benefit your professional life but will also have a positive impact on your personal life. As one of the few female organists in a male dominated field, Gail serves as an advocate for female organists and composers, happy ending massage penang Norwalk. Gail is the chair of the music department at Barnard College, director of artist and young organ artist recitals at Central Synagogue, happy ending massage penang Norwalk, and concert organist at Vassar.

Gary is all about budgets. He says the elevated self-esteem and sense of accomplishment of staying on goal and following a budget that his clients experience is outstanding! Gary also helped found a charitable movement known as Angels on the Street. Smith Gary is the son of NAEIR founder, Norbert Smith. NAEIR is a nonprofit gifts-in-kind organization that facilitates the exchange of excess inventory between companies from across the United States and deserving schools, churches and nonprofit organizations.

They get no government funding of any kind, California. Gary has served on various non-profit boards including YMCA, the Galesburg Illinois Chamber of Commerce and Galesburg Cottage Hospital. Gautam Soparkar, MD Dr. Soparkar is an internist and pulmonologist with clinical, research and teaching experience.

He has served as a program director for medical residents and an examiner for the Medical Council of Canada and the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada. He is an adjunct professor at Western University, happy ending massage penang Norwalk, London, Ontario, Canada and a preceptor for the Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry. Besides having a busy practice, he teaches medical students and residents and also gives lectures about lung and sleep disorders for the public and healthcare professionals.

His award-winning book on sleep apnea is raising awareness about this under-recognized and potentially dangerous condition and also supporting several worthy causes through on-site sales. Gayle Carson Gayle was born in Albany, NY and showed managerial promise even at the tender age of three. Rather than finish the show without her full costume, she asked that the music be stopped so she could put her crown back on.

Gene is a Senior Vice President at C. Natali recently co-authored an investment guide entitled The Missing Semester. The guide provides practical financial advice and is targeted to recent high school and college graduates. It begins with the premise that your financial future is your responsibility, and that you cannot plan for or expect help.

The Missing Semester is based on the principle of ownership—ownership of your own financial future. Genevieve Happy ending massage penang Norwalk Genevieve is a wine-drinking, coffee-chugging, domestically-challenged wife and homeschool mom of three. Her on-going quest has lead her to become a certified Personal Trainer, California, Trained Pilates Teacher, Certified Yoga teacher, Certified Life Coach, Master NLP Practitioner, and BioSignature Practitioner.

She also holds certifications in healing modalities like Thai massage, Reiki California Reflexology. Gina has a reputation for being a catalyst who inspires people to undergo significant shifts in their life and to finally achieve their health goals. Gina is also the owner and founder California Serenity Valley Studio in Burlington, Ontario, a countryside wellness retreat integrating health and wellness services in a spa-like setting.

Glen-Martin Swartwout, OD Rev. Glen-Martin Swartwout graduated Magna Cum Laude with honors in Environmental Earth Sciences and Chemistry from Dartmouth College, and received his doctorate at the top of his class in Vision Science with honors in Optics as well as Leadership, being inducted into both Beta Sigma Kappa and the Gold Key Honor Societies at the State University of New York in Manhattan, where he trained at the largest outpatient vision clinic in the world.

Greg Marcus Greg is a recovering workaholic who helps the chronically overworked find life balance through his book, public speaking, and personal coaching. In his first incarnation, Dr. Greg was a research scientist, earning a Ph. D from MIT in molecular biology, followed by a research fellowship at Stanford, happy ending massage penang Norwalk.

In his second incarnation, he spent nine years as a marketer in the genomics industry, managing breakthrough technology that helped revolutionize human genetics research. Then, he cut his working hours by a third, and at the same time accelerated his career.

He rejected his corporate idolatry, and started putting people first. Two years after putting his life into balance, Dr. Greg left the corporate world to be a stay-at-home dad, speaker, coach, and author. Greg Peterson Greg is a green living and sustainability innovator sharing his passion about how to grow food in our cities.

He created The Urban Farm, an environmental showcase home in the heart of Phoenix, happy ending massage penang Norwalk, which he opens periodically for tours and classes. Having grown food in Phoenix for over four decades, Greg is well-versed in urban sustainability and food production. The column looks at the economic choices that we make as individuals in our daily lives and the relationship those decisions have to larger economic issues.

Harlan Stueven, MD Before graduating Summa Cum Laude, Dr. His training in the then emerging specialties of Emergency Medicine and Medical Toxicology poison management set the stage for his award winning professional career contributions in medical teaching, research, writing, happy ending massage penang Norwalk, speaking, digital reference materials and emergency department management.

His latest career contribution is the development of pussyassmouth.info, an online public oriented restaurant grading system poised to improve California food safety practices, happy ending massage penang Norwalk. Heather Hans Heather is a mystical healer of loving energy for the heart, mind, body and soul. She is a licensed social worker, psychotherapist, and a teacher of love.

She left a successful career as a Certified Public Accountant and University Lecturer to pursue her passion of sharing the healing powers of happy ending massage penang Norwalk. She is a Certified Professional Intuitive Coach and Certified Law of Attraction Advanced Practitioner.

Heather facilitates health and healing on all levels to create total wellbeing and lead people to experiencing more love in their hearts. She uses her expertise in the mind-body-spirit connection to empower people to resolve physical and emotional conflicts and discover the importance of thoughts, feelings and actions in achieving their goals. She started taking group fitness classes and then became a certified group fitness instructor.

She wants to help women of all shapes and sizes fulfill their fitness potential, both physically and mentally. She says losing the physical weight is only part of the equation. Until you change your mindset, you will continue your old patterns and habits.

She says you have to create a new identity as a powerful and strong woman. Helene Segura Author, speaker and productivity expert Helene Segura helps stressed out folks regain control of their chaotic living and working spaces by teaching clients happy ending massage penang Norwalk to understand their core issues California disorganization and thereby prevent it in the future.

Helene is on the trailblazing team providing organizing help online at The Clutter Diet. Hilarie Cash, PhD Dr. Her mission is to help people understand how we can call this problem a true addiction, how overuse of digital media can negatively impact child development and all family relationships, what mental health professionals need to know in order to identify and treat the problem and what institutions should consider when thinking about public education, research funding and educational policies.

She says we cannot live without digital technology, but we can and must learn how to make it a healthy part of a balanced life; not something which takes over our lives. Ilene Barth Ilene is a veteran journalist, author and book publisher. She says stopping was very difficult, especially in a high stress time such as the one she was in after receiving her diagnosis.

Fortunately she survived the experience. Happy ending massage penang Norwalk good news is that an early-detection test is now recommended for smokers and ex-smokers at high-risk of lung cancer. Unfortunately, too few doctors recommend this and the public is largely unaware of this.

Despite this, we witnessed a rise in the prevalence of almost all chronic degenerative diseases responsible for human suffering and death, California, as well as an on-going growth and aging of the population.

Which leads us to the inescapable questions: Where has the current approach gone wrong, and where are the cures for disease? Ivelisse Page Ivelisse is the Executive Director and Co-Founder of Believe Big. After facing, fighting and overcoming cancer, she was compelled to reach out to patients facing similar challenges with hope, help and healing.

J F Garrard J F is the President of Dark Helix Press, an Indie publisher of Multicultural Fantasy, Science Fiction and Raw Non-Fiction.

The mission of her happy ending massage penang Norwalk and her company is to increase awareness of diversity issues and to break down cultural stereotypes, happy ending massage penang Norwalk. She says there is one human race and we should share happy ending massage penang Norwalk stories without fear.

Her background is in Nuclear Medicine and she holds a MBA degree. She volunteers at a number of fantasy, sci-fi and Japanese animation conventions throughout the year. He says he had a dream of people united, playing and having fun. People of all races and creeds were tossing and wearing this little glowing light. This vision was in direct contrast to the negative direction he felt the world might be headed; a direction that was totally opposite to the way he says he was raised.

He says, in his dream, he felt that simple childhood feeling again. One day, he finally cracked the code and the concept of Friendship Lights was born. He also played for several teams in the European Leagues in Spain, Italy, and Greece, and he toured with The Harlem Globetrotters to wrap up his career.

He also massage parlor hidden happy ending sex West Covina, California as a coach for other small business owners. He had a strong fourth place finish in a crowded field of eight candidates.

It was the first time James ran for an elected office in the world of politics, and he continues to work closely with several elected officials in regards to politics, youth, happy ending massage penang Norwalk, and educational issues in Seattle.

Currently, James is a director in China with the China Service Center for Friendship and Cooperation with Foreign Countries Studying Abroad Department in which he assists in helping students with various study abroad and cultural exchange programs. Jan Patenaude, happy ending massage penang Norwalk, RD CLT Jan is a Consultant Dietitian, Certified LEAP Lifestyle, Eating and Performance Therapist, Speaker and Freelance Writer.

Janet Hollander Janet is a Gerontologist, author, exercise leader, wellness educator, and a First Degree Black Belt instructor of the Nia Technique. Her book, Chair Masters — Ideas for Older Adult Seated Exercise is the basis for group leader training programs and individual use.

For most of California life, Janet has personally used dance as a way to exercise and clarify her feelings at the same time. To satisfy her own curiosity and growth, she studied many movement traditions including ballet, folk, creative, and modern dance, judo, Tai chi, Happy ending massage penang Norwalk, and yoga.

When she began studying the Nia Technique, she was excited to realize it incorporated so many elements of her own personal curriculum.

Janice Holly Booth Janice is a lifelong equestrienne and avid solo traveler. Her occasional travel series in the Gaston Gazette entitled On Adventure with Janice Booth, has inspired many of her readers to summon up the courage to have adventures of their own.

She says traveling alone changed her. It changed the way she looks at life and her future. She says every adventure and misadventure made her more resilient and more capable of handling upsets in her day to day life. Jason Kurtz Jason is a psychoanalyst in private practice in Manhattan, He is the Director of Training at a Psychoanalytic Training Institute called The Training Institute for Mental Health.

He says he wanted to be fulfilled, happy ending massage penang Norwalk, both personally and professionally, but had no idea how to do this or even what would satisfy him. So, he bought a one-way ticket to India. He had no itinerary and no knowledge of the sub-continent.

Jason says he was led from one experience to another — meditation, teaching English to Tibetan monks, volunteering at the Mother Theresa Homes for the Destitute and Dying — and ultimately learning how he wanted to live his life. Levine is a licensed Clinical Psychologist and President and Executive Director of The Source Health and Wellness Treatment Center in Los Angeles. Through his work in the field of addiction, he could no longer ignore the devastating impact that nicotine addiction continues to inflict on the health of individuals and society.

Levine was trained at the Mayo Clinic in their Tobacco Specialist Training Program and he has since created a one week intensive nicotine addiction program one of only three in the country as well as a one month outpatient program. Jean Logan Jean is an ordained minister of Universal Light Church. She has a doctorate in Holistic Nutritional Healing and is president of Holy Ground Farm, Inc.

She has an extensive knowledge of many types of energy healing. Jeanine is an advocate happy ending massage penang Norwalk STEM programs in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

Her goal is to inspire kids and to let them know that they too can become an entrepreneur and engineer. Jeanne McAlister Jeanne is the Chief Executive Officer of McAlister Institute. She has consistently advocated for responsive and needed services and developed prototypes for substance abuse recovery services that could be replicated by others.

Jeet Banerjee Jeet is a serial entrepreneur, happy ending massage penang Norwalk, digital marketing consultant, author, public speaker, and startup advisor. From there, Jeet has launched a handful of startup companies through which he has been able to impact hundreds of thousands of people. He also consults with startups and small businesses to generate more revenue through the internet.

He is also the co-founder of Beyond Success — a consulting company that blends socially responsible ideas with the world of business and finance. In the past, he has been featured in Money Magazine, CNN, The Wall St.

Journal, AM New York, Financial Advisor, Transformation Magazine, London Glossy, Affluent Magazine and the New Jersey Business Journal, among many others. Prior to launching MyLife, he was a Founder and CEO of pussyassmouth.info, happy ending massage penang Norwalk, founder and Chairman of RealtyTracker, and Founder and Chairman of MediaPass.

On that horrific day, a car going sixty miles an hour came crashing through the outdoor market sending tables, debris and people flying through the air. One of those tables flew at Jenna like a bullet pinning her to the ground and knocking all the joy and life out of her body with a giant jolt. She struggled with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder PTSD so severe it sent her into flashbacks that caused her to pass out daily.

Her joy was gone and she thought her life was over. But, Jenna persisted and rebuilt her life and is now living out her dreams in beautiful Burbank, CA where she has started a company called Scrapbook Rehab.

Jenna uses scrapbooking as a goal setting tool. Her mission is to help people realize their potential and just go for it. She says she used it for many of the same reasons other people drink — to relax, to celebrate, to connect with others — but she worried that her relationship with alcohol was problematic. She began to explore this question by speaking to friends, family, and a wise therapist. At the time, she says she thought she had two options: identify as an alcoholic and quit drinking, or not identify as an alcoholic and keep on drinking.

But eventually, she began asking herself more subtle questions: did she really need alcohol to relax and to celebrate? What was she missing as a result of her drinking?

What would it be like to experience difficult emotions without the predictable anesthesia of alcohol? What was she not doing as a result of her drinking? Since then, her life has changed dramatically. Jennifer Maggio Jennifer is an award-winning author and speaker, whose personal journey through homelessness, abuse, and multiple teen pregnancies is gaining the attention of audiences around the globe. She shares with great openness her pain, mistakes, California, and journey. She left her corporate successes behind to launch a global initiative to see single moms living a life of total freedom from financial failures, parenting woes, and emotional issues.

Her passion is contagious and her story has been used to inspire millions around the globe. Jennifer has been featured in countless media venues in print, television, and radio. In addition to being a busy wife and mother of three, she is CEO and Founder of The Life of a Single Mom Ministries and Overwhelmed: The Single Moms Magazine.

She is a columnist happy ending massage penang Norwalk Single Parents Town, happy ending massage penang Norwalk, Bizy Moms, iBelieve, California, Crosswalk, and happy ending massage penang Norwalk. She earned her masters degree in Marriage and Family therapy from Syracuse University.

While in graduate school, she had the opportunity to move to Hawaii, where she immersed herself in learning about Yoga, Integrative Nutrition, and the Power of Positive Thinking. Upon returning to NY to finish grad-school, Jenny became additionally certified as a nutrition coach and yoga instructor. It thrives on the spirit of driving jazz, Plains Indian song, and Beat Generation poetry, where freedom and ritual converge.

It is direct, dramatic, and visceral — always with an ear to the sacred ground. He composes for and performs with his ensemble group, The Mad Coyote. She says that everything you have dreamed of is only a step away.

Through a variety of coaching resources to help you achieve results in everything you do, Jeselle guarantees that once you are committed to your future, with clarity, radical action and the power of the universe, the life you are dreaming of will become more of a reality.

Jeselle believes that success is different for everyone, and by first acknowledging that, it makes it easier to know where you are going and what it takes to get there. Jill Blakeway Jill is a licensed and board certified acupuncturist, clinical herbalist, California, and an empathic and intuitive practitioner of Chinese medicine.

In this book Jill explores some of the ancient Taoist texts looking for ancient solutions for her very modern patients. Jill Gurr Jill graduated from Boston University with a Bachelors degree in Broadcasting and Film. Kids who have been abused, neglected, homeless, incarcerated and dealing with other challenges learn to express themselves in a positive manner versus the destructive ways that they have in the past.

The Soviet team that would compete at the Lake Placid games was widely regarded as unbeatable and the easy favorite to win yet another gold medal. Happy ending massage penang Norwalk the USA team and its coach, Herb Brooks, arrived at Lake Placid believing they could shock the critics and experts, and that they could upend history.

They believed they could compete with and even … maybe … just maybe …beat the Soviet Union. They had the audacity and confidence to believe they could win Olympic gold. A primary reason for this audacious optimism was that in goal for the USA was Jim Craig. Jim also headlines and performs for English-speaking Greek communities around the world, California. His performances have earned him standing ovations and adoration from audiences across the world. Jim is also a highly sought-after motivational speaker as well as a prolific author and creator of numerous audio and video programs.

As the chief executive officer of Operation Kindness — the oldest and largest no-kill animal shelter in North Texas — Jim oversees day-to-day operations, supports animal rights legislation, identifies and cultivates fundraising opportunities, and serves as the public face of the organization. He also sat on the editorial board for the Journal of Vocational Rehabilitation and served as the president of the Council of State Administrators for Vocational Rehabilitation.

His combat wound was an enemy bullet to the head. It left him with severe migraine headaches. Then in a single day, his world totally collapsed.

Waking up in a U. Department of Veterans Affairs VA hospital, the surgeon solemnly told him that his vision was all but gone. Twenty-three years after being shot in the head he was suddenly and legally blind, with only two degrees of vision remaining in both eyes. This is the story of how Jim changed his life after that time and has gone on to change the lives of others. However, as loving parents often do, she was encouraged to pursue a different route.

After many twists and turns over the years, Jme got into animal rescue. She had been fostering animals for a year or so and decided to start her own rescue.

Thus, the Motley Zoo was born! The zoo has grown leaps and bounds since then. She says she always had a fixation with the planets — Pluto being her favorite — and California, she says Pluto is still a planet to her!

She says the universe woke her up in her mid thirties and she began an intensive study of Western astrology. Joan says modern man has lost the art of appreciating and reading the stars as messengers.

Humanity has disconnected from its source and consequently suffers emotionally, spiritually and physically. She says each person is born with a map — a soul map — that is his or her astrological chart.

She started Hope Loves Company, the ONLY non-profit in the U. Hope Loves Company is committed to helping the children and grandchildren of ALS patients. Jody Long Jody is an attorney licensed in Washington, New Mexico, Louisiana and the Navajo Nation. People come to the websites to help deal with the grief of losing a loved one or to help them accept their own death. She transitioned from a financial management position in corporate health care to being a full-time spiritual counselor, mentor and metaphysical teacher.

This dynamic and fun book is intended to guide and return the reader to viewing love and life with a new set of spiritual glasses. That experience sparked a curiosity in John about land, commerce and architectural design that continues to burn bright today. He began working for his father at the age of five, sweeping out basements and gathering scrap metal to recycle into additional funds. Alongside his father, Anthony learned the homebuilding trade, the importance of staying grounded, and the value of hard work and discipline.

Anthony attended the University of Toronto, graduating with a Bachelor of Science in engineering and a specialization in geophysics. As the principals behind Grenadier Homes, a company doing much charity work, John and Anthony incorporate these ideals in every home they build. In Italy, craftsmen are revered for their attention to detail. They say the Grenadier Way is to focus on the details.

This maximizes beauty and minimizes problems, keeping warranty costs low and enabling customer satisfaction. John McAdam John McAdam helps ordinary people become entrepreneurs, and helps entrepreneurs, business owners, and CEOs become successful.

His soon to be released book, The One-Hour Business Plan, helps readers find-within themselves-the tools they need to step out of frustration and start moving forward with a concrete happy ending massage penang Norwalk plan. John is also an instructor in strategic business planning at the Wharton Small Business Development Center. For the last several years, he also has been the director of the Center for Civic Leadership and Responsibility, for which he organizes lecture series and other programming — many with a history theme.

Pesda has a B, California. John Salat John has successfully published nationwide as a Zen multi-media artist of meditative medium on the influence of Chi. His creative meditative music, tranquil paintings, and Zen architecture, all reflect living eastern principles which he brings into teaching many courses on vitalizing our life energy. As a certified happy ending massage penang Norwalk leader, John utilizes actual life energy experiences to educate people about the living force that surrounds us.

His clients include well-known actors, producers, writers, politicians and holistic health practitioners, both in the U. As a certified Chi Master he has led many effective communication seminars teaching these living principles. Pastor John Wiley John is an unconventional pastor who teaches love and compassion through his passion to mentor and creatively show others how to see their cities differently. He demonstrates to young families a fresh and transparent approach to a traditional gospel message with relevance to embrace it at a heart level.

He also equips Christians to recognize and engage the opportunities before them that they may have been missing on a daily basis. John is an ordained Foursquare Pastor and is the current Divisional Superintendent for the Kansas City Metro Foursquare Division. John is also the founder of River of Refuge, a non-profit, Kansas City based organization committed to help transition homeless families who have jobs from high-rent motels and shelters into permanent housing.

Feeling responsible for the community he lives in, John Wiley is dedicated to improving the lives of those around him. She was a senior in high school at the time, so she had to finish out high school while she was in the hospital.

She says that once she graduates, she plans on going to West Virginia University to get her Masters degree. As part of the competition, she had to pick a platform that meant something to her to promote and speak on.

Happy ending massage penang Norwalk platform is to promote awareness and to educate people on the importance of supporting people with disabilities mental or physicalto help them keep their spirits up and to keep them from going down the wrong path. She holds a Master of Social Work degree from New York University and works for the Food and Drug Administration as an Expert Patient Consultant and frequently blogs at pussyassmouth.info. Josephine also owns her own practice as a Wellness Consultant and now speaks to audiences about how to achieve emotional wellness in times of ill health.

Josey Milner Josey is a rodeo queen, a teen country music artist, and an anti-bullying advocate. Josh Anderson Josh is a certified fitness professional and owner and operator of Always Active Happy ending massage penang Norwalk. His training service and his website are geared toward helping people achieve their fitness and nutrition goals from the comforts of their own homes!

Recently he launched the Fit Female Club which offers support, motivation, accountability, and instruction to women who want to take charge of their health! Encouraged by helping his own mother stay healthy, he strives to allow women everywhere the chance to connect happy ending massage penang Norwalk to empower themselves through their health! Joy helps cancer patients and their support team caregivers, spouse, family, friends, etc.

Joy is an inspiration, and her humor and positive energy ignites others to transform their experience with cancer. Julia Sanfilippo Julia earned a Master of Science in Traditional Oriental Medicine from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in San Diego. She has a fundamental connection to the physical body and a great appreciation for overall health.

Most importantly, she values balance in life: physically, emotionally, California, mentally, and spiritually. Her mission is to promote wellness through acupuncture, herbal medicine and massage therapy. Her love of treating athletes has led her to volunteer at many athletic activities. She says she knows the importance of being able to heal so that losses become PART of who we are, not ALL of who we are. She graduated from George Washington University with a doctorate in clinical psychology.

Starting in graduate school, she developed an interest in identity formation across the life span, California. She has worked in a variety of settings including outpatient mental health, private practices, schools, and Universities. In bali massage kuta happy ending Albuquerque, New Mexico to her focus on reproductive psychology, Dr.

Julie has taught at several universities including: Marymount, Johns Hopkins, and Loyola, California. She provides professional consultation, delivers workshops, gives community talks, and writes. K S Brooks K. Brooks has been writing for over thirty years. As the business world and health issues took up more of her energy, Ms. Brooks set her sights on moving West to an environment more suitable and affordable to a writing career.

Brooks has created and released fourteen titles. In addition to her writing, Ms. Brooks is an award-winning photographer and poet. Brooks was recruited to assist in the start-up of Indies Unlimited, a website dedicated to the independent publishing community.

She now serves as co- administrator and blog partner to the multi-author, multi-national, and award-winning site. Her expertise is the psychology of eating, California, the why and how, not the what of it.

One week, she signed up for a workshop that actually paid people to go to it! During the workshop, they helped her write her resume and practice interviews.

They encouraged her to consider going to college. Well, they kept encouraging her and they helped her fill out a form for financial assistance. When she was approved for a loan, she decided to give college a try. During her professional career, she was approached to work with at-risk adolescents who were failing in school. They suffered from many things, including school anxiety, drug and alcohol use, depression, suicidal thoughts, eating disorders, and parental abuse.

Katherine Eskovitz Katherine began her career as a trial lawyer. A graduate of Yale Law School and Cornell University, Katherine practiced law for seventeen years as a federal prosecutor and partner in a national law firm before turning her courtroom skills and experience as a former speechwriter to writing for a new audience: children.

She speaks as a parenting educator and specialist on plan-based learning at schools across the country. Katherine Wilemon Katherine Wilemon is the President of The FH Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness of and support for the under-diagnosed condition, Familial Hypercholesterolemia FH.

Katherine has dedicated the past four years to spreading word of FH and the possibilities for change across the US and Europe. She hopes to make a dent in the public policy surrounding the condition and raise support for those suffering with it. Her expertise in business development, fundraising, and public speaking have been tremendous assets in the growth of her organization. She started her career as a social worker, with a masters degree in psychology and counseling, then transitioned into financial services.

Kathleen and her husband started volunteering at the MSPCA when her husband got laid off. They spend several days a week visiting people who have been told they are terminally ill. Kathleen says becoming a hospice volunteer has allowed her to have meaningful conversations with people and their family members as they face death. Kathryn Starke Kathryn is an urban elementary school reading specialist, literacy consultant, keynote speaker, and author.

Kathryn travels to schools and organizations throughout the nation presenting workshops in urban literacy education for children, parents, teachers, and administrators. Kathryn presents at reading and writing conferences throughout the nation and is a keynote speaker for many nonprofit organizations and events.

She is a freelance educational writer for a variety of magazines including Education Digest. While pursuing her degree in acting, Kathy met a woman who taught her that she was really talented as a massage therapist and at healing. She had the sense to listen to that woman and began pursuing healing at the same time as acting.

Along the way, she started her own massage practice, started studying more and began pursuing the Masters and PhD that she has now. Kathy Mitro Kathy says she believes the more good you put out, the more good you draw back to yourself. She also believes that every single act of kindness given out, no matter how small, changes the world for the better. Kathy believes there is nothing more important than making sure everyone has enough to eat. Kathy says there is enough edible food thrown away each day from large food establishments to feed every hungry man woman and child in the U.

These parents were working to stop abusing their children and Kathy saw the tremendous impact this abuse had on the children. However, it was when she had her own two children that she quickly learned how difficult parenting actually is. Kathy then started teaching parenting classes and was thrilled when parents shared how these ideas were fundamentally changing their families for the better.

A member of the American Association of Drugless Practitioners and a certified Bach Flower Remedy practitioner, she brings real, life-tested solutions to clients ready to claim their birthright of exceptional health through whole food, mindfulness, movement and deliberate time management.

She suffered from asthma, allergies, ulcerative colitis, irritable bowel syndrome, pneumonia, shingles and lung infections which left her depleted and depressed.

The imminent threat of a compromised and shortened life span became the inspiration she needed to transform her relationship with her body and mind. She became empowered and emboldened to take responsibility for her own cure. Growing in her knowledge of alternative health and plant-based nutrition, she applied her education to her own life and has been disease-free for close to a decade.

Well-versed in a wide range of wellness and nutritional practices, Katie empowers clients to become engaged partners in their own health, happy ending massage penang Norwalk.

Kelly Barrett Kelly Barrett has studied acting with some of the best teachers in NYC. She also works with Stephen Michaels who was a direct student of Lee Strasberg. She grew up in Milford, California, CT where she studied dance at the Lee Lund Studio of Dance, happy ending massage penang Norwalk.

This is a feature comedy based on true shenanigans Kelly and her really smart friends get into to try to make it in the biz! Kelly Will A New York City gossip girl, Kelly has written columns for The Happy ending massage penang Norwalk York Times, The New York Post, The New York Daily News and Fox News. Today, Kelly continues to consult with Ford Motor Company and others while filling her spare time with the One Person, One Community, One Nation Movement.

Her focus is building a stronger personal and professional America with love for every citizen, employee and consumer. Kelly teaches connection and community across all: home, work and play.

Her adventures in and out of the office reveal the best of the United States of America. Initially, Kelly served many years as a Registered Nurse. During her tenure as a nurse, she honed her organizational skills and became adept at balancing a busy household while administering compassionate care to her patients.

She began witnessing an epidemic of burn out — burn out amongst not only nurses and medical professionals, but within her community as well. Too many people taking on too many responsibilities and leaving no time for themselves or their California. Many people not having someone to turn to for support or assistance. With this knowledge and devotion to serving and providing assistance to as many people as possible with core values of care and compassion, Task Complete was born.

Her mission is to give families and busy professionals reliable and compassionate assistance so they can meet the demands of everyday life.

Ken Budd Ken is the author of the critically-acclaimed memoir The Voluntourist-A Six-Country Tale of Love, Loss, Fatherhood, Fate, and Singing Bon Jovi in Bethlehem. The Voluntourist tells the funny, emotional story of his volunteer journey. Ken is donating all of his earnings from The Voluntourist to the organizations and places where he volunteered.

Grey obtained his masters in both Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine from the Atlantic Institute of Oriental Medicine and enjoys being both a physician and an educator. His unique approach to holistic healing has taken him abroad to lecture in Germany and treat sports professionals in Hawaii and France and locally onsite at the Honda Classic as well as at his office where he is sought after by golfing and tennis greats.

He has also co-authored several books on food therapy aptly named HEALTH in Balance. Grey has been featured on multiple Dr. Oz ABC Health Watch News segments. Conrad Kevin is a Sergeant with the Pennsylvania State Police and is currently assigned to the Bureau of Gaming Enforcement.

Throughout his State Police career, Kevin has been a Patrol Trooper, a Vice and Narcotics Trooper, a Patrol Corporal, a Patrol Sergeant, happy ending massage penang Norwalk, and the Office Commander at Parx Casino and Valley Forge Casino.

Kevin is also certified as a narcotics expert and as a money laundering expert in Pennsylvania Courts. Kevin is also the Co-Founder and Chief Legal Officer of Gracious Fade, Inc.

So,, she went to college and became a Graphic Designer. She was unhappy, was experiencing medical challenges and nothing seemed to be going quite right. At the urging of a close friend, Kim took a personal growth class called Foundations of Practical Spirituality.

It was a life changing experience to be sure! The class promoted personal growth, empowerment and positive thinking in order to change your life. Inspired by the positive impact our for-profit business, Discover Outdoors, was making through our youth leadership program, he felt compelled to serve the entire community, not just those who could afford it.

Since then, the path of students has taken a different course; one that leads to a diploma and a brighter future. Kris Kancler Superstar Kris travels the country to inspire teens in schools, as well as their parents during community events, to live responsibly by making healthy choices and leave them with the tools necessary towards achieving success and happiness.

She combines her training in psychotherapy, art therapy, nutrition, and shamanism to empower her clients to become liberated and whole. Her experience helps clients to integrate their shadow selves and to empower them to embrace wholeness and self acceptance through deep self exploration while liberating them from unhealthy intergenerational wounds.

Kristin Boekhoff Kristin is currently developing Panigram Resort, a socially and environmentally responsible boutique spa resort located in southern Bangladesh that protects the natural and cultural heritage of the country. Her goals are to provide authentic and distinctive travel experiences to discerning travelers, promote sustainable development, and improve the quality of life in the host community. Panigram will be the first in a collection of resorts that focuses on responsible hospitality and destination stewardship.

Kristin received a B. She has combined her love of fashion design with her love for up-cycling to create Kristina J. Through her speaking engagements, California hopes to help young girls overcome their misperceptions about beauty and fashion and inspire this generation to bring remarkable change to their world by embracing their skill-set and using their talents to give back to others.

Edgar Hoover had begun to compile the notorious ABC list. This list was created with concerns over national security and was originally aimed at Communists, Fascists, California, and Nazis.

The German American wartime experience remains largely overlooked by historians and generally unknown to most Americans. It is important, when studying WWII internment to make distinctions between German-Americans, Japanese-Americans, and German Aliens who were not U. Her dream was to be a whale biologist when she grew up. But life had different plans. Rather than completing her degree in marine biology, Kristine ended up in the field of social work.

After graduate school, she returned to hospice where Dr. Kevorkian provided her patients, young and old, with compassion, respect and dignity. Her intention was to teach medical and mental health professionals how to work with the dying; California how to communicate with the dying, family members and the bereaved. Krystian Leonard Krystian is a junior in high school with an adventurous spirit! Her love of the ocean and beautiful beaches inspires her larger than life dreams.

Healing with visible scars left her feeling damaged and ashamed. One year later, she summoned the courage to compete in erotic massage tecniques Montgomery, Alabama Miss America Scholarship Organization.

As part of her happy ending massage penang Norwalk, Krystian was asked to choose a platform for which she would become an advocate. She wanted to choose a platform that she could be passionate about, and thus her nonprofit, Shining S.

Through her healing campaign for Shining S. Krystian has used her personal experience and pain as a way to reach out to others, helping them to feel PROUD of their imperfections knowing that those scars and the stories of those scars helped shape the person they have developed into. Raised in a musical family on a farm in the Northern California foothills of Mt. In recent years, her focus has been on composing soft melodic, intimate and relaxing music with piano, acoustic instrumentation and ethereal vocals.

Instead, she became inspired to do something that would uplift not only her spirit, but those of children across the county. Laura says his death opened her eyes to the tragedies happening on a daily basis, both personal and public, and how they affected children. Laura set to work creating an animated series called The Wumblers, whose primary goal is to teach children how differences can unite, California, rather than divide.

Laurel says developing intuition through dreams and dream interpretation, practicing daily meditation and utilizing concentration exercises have all been instrumental in aiding her to bring out her creativity and to become much more patient and insightful as a teacher, counselor, minister, and friend. Lauren Cheek Lauren began her dance training at twenty-two months old. Coming from a dance and performing family, she was snuck into the Jon A. From there, happy ending massage penang Norwalk, she went on to perform in the corps with Ballet Florida and Palm Beach Opera before she decided to put her complete focus on her university schooling.

But, unable to separate herself from dance, she began training as a belly dancer in South Florida. She recently has added samba, Indian contemporary, salsa and Polynesian dance to her repertoire, happy ending massage penang Norwalk. She has performed at the most prestigious national and international locations and events. Lauren has also worked in film and theater, dancing and starring in several international music videos.

The ancient liberal arts curriculum began with the trivium: grammar, dialectic, and rhetoric, California. She spent many years of her life with self-doubts, fears and insecurities looking for validation and love outside of her. After an amalgamation of events, she began an inner journey of discovery and healing. Her life lessons have spawned a microscopic study into unconditional love and acceptance; learning to value herself as a spiritual, infinite, divine, fully-empowered being.

Determined and impassioned to help others, Laurie resigned from her corporate job as a Vice President of Events and became a certified life coach, certified yoga instructor, authored two books: Smile Across Your Heart: The Process of Building Self-Love, and an e-book called The Conscious Breakup Guide.

Leah Carey Leah is a transformational writer, speaker and life coach. Far from being born a natural optimist, she says she spent over two decades struggling with chronic depression. Having finally found her way to mental, emotional, and spiritual balance, she now blogs about the large and small things that are RIGHT in her life. Leah Kalish aka Happy ending massage penang Norwalk As an actress, Leah goes by the name Ayres and has starred in countless commercials and many successful TV and film projects such as: The Edge of Night, Bloodsport, St.

She trains parents and teachers nationwide in using movement, play, yoga and self-regulation with children to enhance development, learning and health. Through her company, Move with Me Action Adventures, she develops and produces movement and social-emotional enrichment resources that help young children be physically fit, emotionally stable and learning able. With her husband, Bruce Kalish, she also leads family constellation workshops. Leanne Brown Leanne is an advocate for a better food system focused on a return to home cooking.

Before moving to New York, Leanne worked in city politics in her hometown of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Lee Gale Gruen Lee Gale has lived in Los Angeles, CA since childhood. She performs regularly portraying patients at UCLA Medical School as part of student training. Her transition to becoming an actress in her senior years has been written about in Time Magazine and the Los Angeles Times newspaper. As a result, they bonded more than ever before, and Lee Gale eventually transitioned into the world of professional acting.

She also writes a blog called Reinventing Myself in My Senior Years to inspire Baby Boomers and seniors to find a passion as a motivation to embrace life, California. Lena Baisden-Tankut Lena is a graduate student at Portland State University finishing two masters degrees: one in writing and one in education. During her undergraduate studies, she focused on journalism and freelance writing. Her writing was published in newspapers and magazines including Mesa Legend Newspaper, College Times, Pathos Literary Magazine and The Stranger.

She won the Rocky Mountain Collegiate Association Feature Writing award for one such article. His latest book not yet on the bookshelves is about the relationships between children and their parents, specifically how parents can raise successful, happy offspring. Leslie Davenport As a psychotherapist in practice for twenty years, Leslie understands the health impact of thoughts and emotions.

Leslie offers integrative psychotherapy in the Clinic, and teaches in their Integrative Medicine Program. She is also on the faculty of the California Institute of Integral Studies, John F Kennedy University, and Five Branches University.

A sought after speaker, she lectures in a broad range of settings. Lindsay Elef Lindsay is the Creator of The Responsible History Education Action RHEAa foundation in Thailand with the mission of educating Thais against the casual use of Nazi imagery and about the Holocaust to combat the regional trend of Nazi Chic.

RHEA is using social and traditional media to engage people as well as compiling and creating bilingual educational resources for educators. After teaching in international schools throughout Bangkok and in China, it seemed time to take a break from traditional classroom teaching. Lisa decided to take action. She said goodbye to her sedentary lifestyle, joined a gym and never looked back. Her goal is to help as many people as she can to feel as good as she does.

She was baptized by fire when she was called upon to prepare the main entrees for a one-hundred and fifty guest party without any recipes — or most of the ingredients, because the chef was stuck at another event. Lisa quickly discovered that she had the instinct and talent to conceive dishes on the spot after miraculously pulling off Moroccan Chicken and Herb-Crusted Lamb dishes solely from the memory of having seen them prepared previously.

Lisa has procured grants through local Los Angeles Neighborhood Councils and non profit organizations so she can teach some of these classes to the kids who need it the most, for FREE.

Her ultimate goal is to help other adults discover the gift of spending time in the kitchen with their kids. Lisa Jakub Lisa Jakub is a writer, a traveler, a devoted yogi, a wife and a dog-mom. She began her acting career at the age of four in Toronto, Canada. For the next eighteen years, she worked consistently in the film industry in Los Angeles, happy ending massage penang Norwalk, in projects that ranged from Hollywood blockbusters Independence Day and Mrs.

Doubtfire to the cutting room floor. She left the film industry and ran away to Virginia, where she still lives with her husband. While figuring out how to be a normal person, Lisa has dedicated herself to her lifelong love of writing and profound respect for a well-told story.

She is currently editing her first book, a memoir about growing up in the film industry and making the decision to leave in search of some peace. Lisa Nelson Formally trained in the field of Molecular and Cellular Biology, Happy ending massage penang Norwalk was introduced to wedding planning while studying for her PhD at Brown University. She says she was extremely unhappy and needed a creative outlet, so she interned with a wedding planner based in Maine and eventually started her own home based wedding planning business.

Four years later, when she was pregnant again, her family decided that she would quit her day job to raise and home school the children. She says she cares deeply about her family and wants to see more families come together as a unit to be empowered — which is the basis of her family friendly blog. Lisa J Smith Lisa J. Her approachable and girl next door personality touches listeners of all demographics with deep powerful messages delivered in a real down to earth way.

She touches people at their core and helps them bring California real change in their life by empowering them to California their full potential. She believes in giving people what they need, not always what they want. Lorena Gordon Twenty-two year old filmmaker Lorena Gordon is impressive at any age.

Her production work credits include the recent blockbuster The Wolf on Wall Street and The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, among others. Luis von Ahn Luis von Ahn is a Guatemalan entrepreneur and an associate professor in the Computer Science Department at Carnegie Mellon University.

He was awarded a MacArthur Fellowship a. Lynette Louise Lynette holds two board certifications in Neurofeedback and is working on her PhD in Clinical Psychophysiology. Most notably though, she is a mom extraordinaire! Without question her greatest pride is having raised eight children, six of whom are adopted, five of whom are disabled, four of whom are on the autism spectrum.

She is an expert in Autism, and on how to incorporate neurofeedback, combined with play, as the main therapy approach for the autistic child. Reality; Surrounded By Inspiration and Bad to the Bone. Marala speaks from the heart with her life-changing words of faith and strength.

She designs award-winning book covers, websites and does editing for Seraph Books with remarkable passion! Marcia Noyes Marcia is happy ending massage penang Norwalk former television reporter, newspaper journalist and public relations professional who loves to communicate ideas and inspiring stories.

Marcia began writing a blog that shared her foray into each faith, highlighting her preconceived notions, what she learned and what she felt about each faith and what drew people to that religion. McCarthy Mari is the founder of pussyassmouth.info CreateWriteNow is the home of Journaling for the Health of It and the Journal Writing Therapy Transforms You blog.

She guides writers and we are all writers in starting and keeping a daily pen-to-page Inner Health and Healing Journaling Practice that helps them solve problems, cure their happy ending massage penang Norwalk, and heal their worlds.

She enjoys raising roses as well as her consciousness, California. Her unruly behavior began with her years of protesting the Vietnam War, living communally with women in Oregon, to currently writing as a spiritual warrior and subversive.

Today, Mari is a contributing writer for the San Francisco Book Review and a guest blogger on numerous sites. She entered the practice of TCM after leaving a successful career in Corporate Insurance. She says he was one of the few healthcare providers who saw her sister as a whole person and not just as a disease. It was then that Maria realized her true passion was to help others. She wanted to help them maintain or achieve better health using holistic medicine. Its wisdom resonates with her and the ability to help a person in distress on all levels is the gift of this medicine.

So, she left her corporate career behind and embarked on her present journey. In the spirit of giving, Maria provides no-cost treatments to veterans at the Wellness Works, a non-profit holistic health center located in Glendale, CA.

Maria Droujkova Maria is a curriculum developer and mathematics education consultant. She brings together leaders in mathematics education, researchers, developers, parents and teachers for projects and discussions of family mathematics, early algebra, individualized instruction, math games, and math circles.

Can a parent enjoy playful math with their child? The book shows parents how to go beyond their own math limits and anxieties to do so. It also opens the door to a supportive California community that will answer questions and provide useful ideas along the way. She is a student of Nature and a lover of Life.

Marie Gage Marie has a diverse background that enables her to easily move between projects in various sectors. Among her many accomplishments, she does a large amount of community service work, California.

Adding to the difficulty of this local competition are disasters in other parts of North America and the world. But Marie, her husband Don and the people of Minden Hills are up to that challenge.

Mark believed that the future looked bleak. Mark is now dedicated to developing a community of people who are passionate about changing their lives, changing their community and changing the world.

Mark Cochran says he felt the grief and the crushing loss of self worth that comes with losing a rewarding career because of his own poor health. For years, he fought crippling arthritis pain, California, along with the anger, fear and hopelessness that anyone who suffers from chronic disease knows all too well. He says it was only when he decided to stop fighting and start thriving, he was able to transform his health and become a triathlete and marathon runner.

He stopped fighting and decided that if he was going to California, his healing was only going to come from inside. He shifted his focus from an external one to an inner one. In other words, he turned his health inside out! Marshall has an extremely varied background and brings a lot to the table, so his interview is quite fascinating.

Since catching the running bug, Martin has completed numerous races including marathons, ultra marathons and Ironman events. During the trip he had the chance to experience the power of sport and its effect on the lives of children across the African continent.

Through an old acquaintance, Martin was introduced to Right To Play, the humanitarian organization that empowers children through sports programs in some of the most disadvantaged areas of the world. Marty Eisen By profession, Dr. Eisen was a University Professor specializing in constructing mathematical models used for studying medical problems such as those in cancer chemotherapy and epilepsy.

Eisen has studied and taught Yoga, Judo, Shotokan Karate, Aikido and Tai Chi. He was also an EMT. Eisen was the Director of Education of the Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture Institute in Upper Darby, P.

She was always told what she could NOT do, yet she went on to do it anyway. She not sure why, but she just wanted to be normal. She went on to become a Varsity Cheerleader in High school and a model thereafter, California. She got married and had one daughter. Sometime thereafter, she began having sharp pains in her left eye and losing her balance.

Several doctors and an MRI later, she was told she had MS — Multiple Sclerosis. She also believed she had to approach the diagnosis with Love and not fear because whatever you fear will come to pass and if you approach anything, you can handle it or even beat it!

She began studying all forms of alternative medicine — Chinese Herbs, Ayurvedic Healing, Traditional medicine including vitamins and herbs and spirituality including happy ending massage penang Norwalk, all while trying to find answers for her own health issues.

Her strengths lie in her ability to be fully present in the moment, happy ending massage penang Norwalk, integrating information, technique and insight with simplicity and compassion.

She does so by drawing on her own life experience to happy ending massage penang Norwalk healing and awakening in a compassionate and powerful way. Matthew Court Mat has been involved in sport and media all his working life. Mat became more involved in the running of his club and ended up as Vice Chairman of the organization which opened his eyes to the issues facing sports clubs in the UK. Chiefly, the issues regarding financial sustainability and the perpetual reliance on a small number of dedicated but diminishing corps of volunteers, California.

Wert, is an attending orthopaedic surgeon and the new Director of Sports Medicine at New York Methodist Hospital. He was an orthopaedic resident at Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center. He completed his residency at New California Presbyterian Lower Manhattan Hospital where he served as chief resident.

He went on to complete a sports medicine fellowship at the prestigious Mississippi Sports Medicine and Orthopaedic Center in Jackson, Mississippi and Tulane University in New Orleans, Louisiana.

In addition, he was chosen for the International Cartilage Repair Society Traveling Fellowship, where he worked alongside world renowned surgeons in Europe. Wert understands the importance of incorporating a multidisciplinary approach to treatment, and works with his patients to develop alternative exercise programs and utilizes innovative therapies to speed up the recovery process, safely.

He specializes in the arthroscopic minimally invasive treatment of shoulder, elbow, hip, knee, happy ending massage penang Norwalk, and ankle injuries, with the highest importance on protecting repairing, and restoring the patients native cartilage.

Maurice Buchanan Maurice was a high school football All American. He was the recipient of a four year California to the University of Minnesota where he played Division I Football as a defensive end and graduated with a degree in Kinesiology. During his time on the football team, he discovered his passion for the human body and how it can change with exercise and nutrition.

His approach to having a healthy and functional body is simplicity, California. Through the use of resistance training and proper eating habits, he feels that exercise and nutrition are simple. He trains and operates with the model that once excuses are removed and replaced with an acceptance of a way of life, any goal of health and fitness can be achieved.

More is an internationally acclaimed strategic philosopher widely recognized for his thinking on the philosophical and cultural implications of emerging technologies. Max has a degree in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics from St. Maxine Browne She says she was stripped of friends, family and even her children.

Her husband controlled the mail, transportation and all social interaction with others. She was under his complete control. Her family became splintered and divided. Her story is not only about the years of abuse, but of the recovery and hope that Maxine and her family now so courageously shares.

Melanie Angelis Melanie has a masters degree in complementary alternative medicine and is the founder of The Grecian Garden. For years, she suffered from a variety of food allergies and health conditions for which her physicians had no answers.

Along the way, she was introduced to natural medicine and to begin listening to her own body. With a new sense of purpose, she called upon her degrees and board certification in alternative medicine and nutrition and began teaching others how to find their own path to holistic health. Thanks to her previous experiences as a school teacher, she began creating content and teaching classes, varying in complexity from lectures to doctors and nurses to hands-on natural health workshops.

Melanie Cobb Melanie is a Writer, Life Coach, and Professional Wild Woman. She holds a BA in English from Penn State and an MA in Transformative Leadership from the Maryland University of Integrative Health. After spending all of her spring, California, summer, and winter breaks traveling and writing, she says she realized she needed to quit so she could pursue those loves full time.

She says she felt trapped and was working way too much. She desired more freedom. She says she wanted to see how long she could travel, and if she could make a living from her writing and from helping others.

She says she had no plan of an end destination, or no idea of when she would stop being nomadic. Melanie says her experience was transformative, to say the least, happy ending massage penang Norwalk. Melanie Young Melanie knows how to face challenges with grit, grace and wit and reframe them to make things happen for the better.

After surviving breast cancer, Melanie has written two books intended to help newly diagnosed women stay focused and make smarter choices about caring for their well-being during and after treatment. Her articles have appeared in the Huffington Post, The Plum, Greatist and Everyday Health.

After a career in the entertainment industry that left her unfulfilled, she decided to dedicate herself to philanthropic endeavors full time.

Full body massage types Tyler, Texas after, she realized something was missing from the events she attended, California, and created The Charity Angels to help organizations close to her heart increase profitability and make fundraising fun.

Michael Asaly Michael is the founder of Practical Sleep Solutions, an Irvine based company that provides effective and affordable at-home sleep solutions for those who suffer each night. The process is made simple and affordable without the need for insurance. As with most classified high-risk conditions, patients are expected to pay more for their life insurance premiums if they are diagnosed with sleep apnea.

This coupled with a long and painful process through the insurance system has resulted in patients taking their sleep issues into their own hands. Michael Hebler Michael propelled his career as an author alongside an already established profession as a feature film publicist working on many titles for Walt Disney, Pixar, Lionsgate, Lakeshore, and Summit Entertainment. Although he dreamed of becoming an actor, happy ending massage penang Norwalk, it was while studying theatre arts at Orange Coast College in Costa Mesa, California, that he realized his penchant for stories was better suited for the page rather than the stage.

He also enjoys volunteering in his local community for Meals on Wheels program. Rumor has it that one of his Meals on Wheels California helps him with his writing. As you would expect, Michael urges us all to adopt our pets from a shelter. Michael Malkush Michael Malkush has spent most of his adult life helping people. As an author, motivational speaker, life-coach and mentor, he continues to work with people to help them be healthy, happy and successful.

He taught communications technology and his students ran the high school television studio. He produced many award winning pieces and shows that his students created. He has worked with all types of students from all economic California ethnic backgrounds. He is a motivator, happy ending massage penang Norwalk, disciplinarian, coach, psychologist, advisor, actor, leader, confidante, and friend.

Michelle Hadden Michelle is the Director of Government Affairs and Industry Relations at the New York Council on Problem Gambling, Inc, happy ending massage penang Norwalk.

Her current efforts focus on developing responsible gambling programs and improved service delivery across New York State. Her programs and TV segments cover areas like enhancing self-esteem, overcoming obstacles, goal setting, empowerment, and tips to project the qualities of inner beauty outward in our appearance.

Michelle Turner Michelle Turner is an advocate for victims of domestic violence. Her aim is to help victims and to raise public awareness for violence against women. In her honest self-help book project, she writes about the way she survived, to emerge from the ordeals as a stronger person, full of life and hope.

Michelle is organizing programs to prevent and end cycles of abuse through research, resources, and advocacy provided to individuals, families, communities and agencies throughout the nation. Mona Shand Mona is a veteran journalist who has worked in television, radio, print, and online media. Over the years, California, she has worked at WHMI radio, written a column on family life for the online newspaper pussyassmouth.info and produced stories for Public News Service.

Mona Tippins Mona is a grandmother and an author. She likes to walk in the rain, snow or wind and to walk across bridges. She reads as often as time allows, and travels as often as finances allow. Mona holds the Guinness World Record on unduplicated rail mileage, happy ending massage penang Norwalk.

Her book, Tomorrow the Train:Journey to the World Record is her story of her adventures through thirty-three countries by rail to beat the record. She did it at the tender young age of sixty-five. She says the most difficult part of her journey to beat the record was not traveling as an older person, nor as a woman alone, nor as traveling with very little money.

It was traveling as a vegetarian. This led him on a decades long journey deep into the study of brainwave entrainment. Not wanting to keep this knowledge and powerful methodology to himself, he began producing recordings that incorporate the technology and techniques he developed. These recordings, including Quantum Mind Power and Quantum Confidence, are acclaimed by his legion of listeners.

Myrtle Newsam Myrtle was homeless, suffering from congestive heart failure, and hobbling around on swollen feet due to maltreated diabetes. Despite all this, Myrtle kept her strength through her faith, her music, and her optimism. Myrtle currently writes children and young adult stories. She suffered a heart attack and cardiac arrest. As a result of her experience, Nancy decided to radically change the focus of her professional life from what she thought others expected her to be to what she felt was her calling.

She resigned from her corporate job and became a Connecticut State licensed Emergency Medicine Technician and is now a volunteer EMT. Nancy is also the Founder and Owner of Cardiac Companion, LLC, through which she conducts private CPR instruction, happy ending massage penang Norwalk.

Nancy now challenges others to take action in their own lives. She sang with the Threshold Choir for the first five years of its existence. She volunteers at Washington Elementary School in Berkeley, singing and telling stories. She also tries out new songs happy ending massage penang Norwalk often at the monthly open mike at the Berkeley Fellowship of Unitarians and Universalists.

Nancy has a masters degree in library science from the UC Berkeley and has taught storytelling in the library schools there, at UCLA and at the University of Wisconsin at Madison.

Neil Barsky Neil is the chairman and founder of The Marshall Project, a nonprofit journalism enterprise dedicated to covering the U. He began his career as a newspaper reporter, covering real estate and economic development for the New York Daily News and The Wall Street Journal.

He subsequently became a Wall Street analyst and hedge fund manager. He sits on the board of trustees of Oberlin College and the board of directors of the writing program Youth Communication and is chair of the Columbia Journalism Review board of overseers.

Galan also created and executive produced the FOX reality series The Swan, and as its in-house life coach, wrote the bestselling companion book The Swan Curriculum. Minutes after she was diagnosed, she was hospitalized. Nihar Suthar Nihar is currently a happy ending massage penang Norwalk at Cornell University in New York. As a result of that experience, he started a company called Hype Up Your Day.

Nora Kramer Nora is the founder and director of Youth Empowered Action YEA Camp, an happy ending massage penang Norwalk summer camp for teens who care about community service, activism, California, and social justice. YEA Camp is a life-changing camp for world-changing teens. Thankfully, there is so much we can all do to make our world a better place. Norma Norris Norma is the founder of the Reality Tour Drug Prevention Program.

She says it was also evident that parents were clueless as to what temptations youth experienced daily. It seemed urgent to Norma to get parents and their children on the same page, with the same information. That information had to be delivered in an engaging manner; had to be true, emotionally charged and consequence-driven.

Oren Wunderman, PhD Dr. California has worked in non-profit child welfare agencies or mental health centers for most of the last thirty years. During his tenure, FRC has tripled in size while expanding the complexity and scope of services. A near-death experiencer herself, she says she returned from these episodes with many enhanced sensitivities.

She became a researcher because of what she went through and what she says she was told to do during her third near-death experience. He is known around the globe happy ending asian massage in ocala Peoria, Arizona his drawings and sculptures of dancers.

Recently Pablo has been featured in major publications for his visionary environmental designs and for his expertise in art as an investment. While we discuss his art, we also discuss whether or not our society has lost the ability to distinguish between—good, better and best when it comes to life styles, personal responsibility, honesty, morality, and other aspects of life.

You see, Pamela chose to alter Twas The Night Before Christmas, which is perhaps the most famous poem in the English language. Her republished work has won the support of many anti-smoking activists, California. She says she wanted to shake up the complacency she sees around the issue of tobacco use. Tobacco product use claims the lives of one in five Americans and subjects so many more to disease and illness. She manages public relations efforts for sports and entertainment professionals, public figures, and not-for-profit clients.

Additionally, she educates her clients on networking techniques, including forming vital business relationships and resource alliances.

She negotiates contracts and coordinates referral services for clients to ensure lasting recognition and success. Lastly, she cultivates client relationships and supports diverse fund-raising and community outreach initiatives.

Pascale Legagneur Growing up, Pascale developed a love for writing and a passion for music. A former college dropout, Pascale holds several honors and degrees. Paul Dillon Paul is the president and CEO of Dillon Consulting Services LLC, a U.