Chinatown ny massage happy ending Miami, Florida

chinatown ny massage happy ending Miami, Florida

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The best massage in new york and even better than most massages in Asia. Staff is friendly and VERY professional. These guys are on point. I was having foot pain due to undiagnosed plantar fasciitis and went here for some relief.

I came out and it was like magic. Sidenote: Chinatown looks like it could really be in Asia. I know I probably sound super white and super midwestern saying that, Florida, but it does! Zuyuan surely deserves its high ratings. Superior customer service and superior massages at very affordable prices. The space itself is clean and spacious as compared to other Chinese massage parlors. The masseuses are attentive to how your body responds and are careful to give you enough yet not too much pressure.

This place chinatown ny massage happy ending Miami a hidden gem! I was a little skeptical about going to a massage place in the middle of Chinatown, but I trusted my fellow Yelp reviewers and I decided to just go for it. I lie, I went with another person so that made me feel better. We were immediately greeted before coming up the stairs by what seemed to be the owner. She was very Florida and inviting. We got one of their specials from the advertisements. It included a foot massage, then a back massage with hot stones and essential oils.

I liked that they matched me up with a woman to have my massages done. The foot massage was incredible and just what I needed after walking all day. They wash your feet with a hot towel then use lotion to massage the lower portion of your legs and feet. I was extremely impressed by the whole experience given the price.

Be sure to bring cash and extra to tip for their services!! I enjoyed the whole relaxing experience and so did my wallet! I will definitely be coming back! A tiny door way on Mott that leads up a set of unexpectedly steep stairs, Zuyuan opens into a beautiful, clean and relaxing space with deep red accents and smoothing music. The very friendly woman at the front desk will greet you and help you get started. Zuyuan is also really great about only offering customers what they asked for without pressuring to add on additional services.

That piece of mind is really important to me and makes the overall experience much more relaxing and stress-free. The body massage is on the harder side compared to most Western massages but they definitely do help get the kinks out.

Not every one speaks fluent English but definitely enough to get by. If you can, try to get a glimpse of your masseuse so you can recognize who to tip later but if you miss it, the woman at the front desk can help as well., chinatown ny massage happy ending Miami. Because the bill is usually so affordable, Florida, I try to tip a little more than I would normally. Bring cash because there is a convenience card in using credit cards.

My back has been killing me. There was a guy standing in the door and I said I wanted one. He looked at me and angrily said "NO! I wish foot massages were as popular in the US and as cheap as they are in China. Tucked away in Chinatown up a narrow staircase, this massage spa is clean, very friendly, and inexpensive!. You also get a punch card for your visits. Definitely bring cash to avoid card fee!

I have been to Chinatown a dozen times all from living out of state. And I never thought to step up and write a review till this visit. We truly were appreciative of the rate discounted to us, and the service was great. We set aside our new "Rolex" and "Louis Vuitton" and got our massage on. When my guy was done I thought to ask about a hand massage. Now that chinatown ny massage happy ending Miami a bonus opportunity.

Foot massage as well as back massages Florida amazing. There speciality are the foot massages. But both are great. Different masseurs and still a great experience.

In some of the other reviews, chinatown ny massage happy ending Miami, the massages here were described as painfully wonderful. I definitely felt the painful part. As for the Florida part, I guess that depends on who you ask. Florida had some pain in my left shoulder for a couple of days and decided to get a massage here.

The prices were excellent. The few massage beds were curtained off from each other and the rest of the room. Each curtained section was only as big as a single bed with little area to move around. My masseur definitely bumped butts a few times with the masseur in the other "room. So yeah, the space is very, very "cozy.

My masseur used a lot of pressure, even after I asked him to lighten up. To quote Chandler Bing, "It was like [he] was torturing me for information. And I wanted to give it up I just., Florida.

Every time he moved to my other side, I breathed a sigh of relief, only to tense up again with renewed pain. As I laid there on the table, I wondered if this was considered a "good" massage. Is inflicting pain the only effective way to work out knots? My thoughts were interrupted by his abrupt departure. He returned not a minute later and proceeded to sear the flesh off my bones with hot coals. As my massage came to a close, I was overcome with joy and relief, chinatown ny massage happy ending Miami.

Usually, I feel disappointment and a longing for the massage to continue. The next day, the pain was still there.

Was it the massage or just time? All in all, prices were great. Masseurs used a lot of pressure, but some people like that. I had a very talented masseur who was very professional. Some of the technique deep tissue and reflexology can be a bit uncomfortable, but it is supposed to be.

I also has the pleasure of going on the Chinese New Year which was nice to hear from the windows! The reviews are true, I too had an amazing experience in a clean, friendly environment that was very EASY on the pocket! One hour full body. Experienced and able to immediately focus on problem areas without instruction.

Intense massage, and yet chinatown ny massage happy ending Miami out feeling fit and revitalized. Relaxing, clean and professional. I mean, does it get any better than this? The answer is no, it does not. Zuyuan is an incredible massage spa in Chinatown. The happy ending massage in columbia mo Santa Clarita, California desk woman is so incredibly nice and makes the whole experience really soothing and fun.

I usually get this, but the last time I went I decided to get a back massage. Instead, I was taken to a full bed, and given a proper back massage WITH A SURPRISE HOT STONE. Seriously, these people are amazing. Have you ever heard of such a thing? The answer is no, you have not. If you love massages as much as me, please visit Zuyuan. There are homemade Yelp signage everywhere - a little scary for an under-cover Elite. We walked passed by two smoking guys at the door which turned out to be our masseurs and up the stairs to the check in desk.

The venue actually looked very nice. Good temperature, nice decor, quiet, calming music. The prices were great!. Oh, there was pain. And there is still some pain! Overall, the experience was ok. I expected the reflexology to hurt, but it hurt more from the skin to skin burning contact than the pressure.

I actually had a unique experience because my masseur was booked by somebody during my visit and was swapped out by someone else. It felt a little weird but I got to experience another set of hands. I liked the first guy better. But knowing what I know about the other places, just a few blocks away, chinatown ny massage happy ending Miami, I will pause about coming back.

A great and clean message place in Chinatown. Instead of sitting around the place, I had the lady at the counter call me when there was an open spot. The best part was when the hot stones are used. It made me feel really calm. The guy knew what he was doing and was able to break a lot of the knots in my back. I would definitely recommend this place if you are in the area and need a massage, Florida.

From the moment I walked up the stairs the service here was wonderful!! Be advised this is not a place to get a typical relaxing and peaceful massage. I really like the placenice and clean, Florida. And I told him to do harderand then what something.

Very clean and the service is top notch. Very good and very strong. This business has been claimed by the owner or a representative. The best massage in new york and even better than most massages in Asia. Staff is friendly and VERY professional. That piece of mind is really important to me and makes the overall experience much more relaxing and stress-free. If you can, try to get a glimpse of your masseuse so you can recognize who to tip later but if you miss it, the woman at the front tranny massage parlor happy ending McKinney, Texas can help as well.

Tucked away in Chinatown up a narrow staircase, this massage spa is clean, very friendly, and inexpensive! Now that was a bonus opportunity Best overall experience. The prices were great! Skip to Search Form. Photo of Zuyuan - New York, NY, United States.

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Fort Greene, Brooklyn, NY. And let me tell you I take his word on most things this just sealed the deal for good. I work in an office just skip to it I work in finance in…". I called and was able to set my appointment for an hour later. This business is a Yelp advertiser. You might also consider. Union Square Foot Body Massage. Four Seasons Body Work. People found Zuyuan by searching for…. Best Massage Chinatown New York. Chinatown Foot Massage New York.

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