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01 Feb Comment: Sir Ivan Rogers thinks Britain will have a big Brexit divorce bill to pay. Here's how we can sort it out.
The County of Forty Mile No.8 is pleased to announce that Dale Brown has won the R.W. Hay Award. This prestigious award recognizes excellence in rural administration.
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In order to bring you award-winning content and investigative journalism from your favourite writers, we rely on revenue generated by advertising. Please consider supporting us by turning off your ad blocker. Just a couple of clicks will make a big difference. Click here for instructions. Work at The Telegraph. Comment: If Jeremy Corbyn quits as Labour leader, it will be because he cannot bear to fire his friends. Comment: Donald Trump travel ban hearing: Have so many people ever listened live to such a dry set of legal arguments?

Comment: Marriage may be changing, but it is for Parliament, not judges, to alter its definition. Comment: John Bercow should see that he is part of the problem, not the solution.

Comment: Britain risks regressing three decades if it the tax burdens keeps rising. Letters to the Editor. Comment: It takes a while, but marriage is worth all the trouble and strife. Comment: Clive Lewis now has a very difficult choice before him. The fate of Labour may hinge on it. Comment: Labour moderates are now Nevada for a compromise — Clive Lewis might be the only answer.

Comment: Amid the madness of the Trump White House, Mike Pence is quietly exerting his grip. Comment: Who needs an app to spot the bores at a dinner party? Comment: If the disparities in school funding continue, we risk the children of rural Britain getting left behind.

Comment: David Beckham should be ashamed of himself over cynical attempt to gain a knighthood. Comment: The rule of law differentiates the United States from Russia — Trump would do well to respect it.

Comment: John Bercow does not speak for Britain, just for his own happy ending massage in lichfield Las Vegas ego. Comment: Hurrah for the courgette crisis: it means we Brits can get back to our delicious roots. Comment: Is Donald Trump preparing to go to war with Iran?

Comment: Billionaires think they can survive the apocalypse in New Zealand? Comment: Brexit is an opportunity to reverse the tragic decline of marriage in Britain. Comment: Donald Trump is systematically attacking every institution which could hold him in check. Comment: The NHS needs more than more cash — it needs a dose of realism. Comment: Royal blue sapphire. Comment: Cromwell knew that democracy requires property. To save ours, we must build more houses.

The majesty of a Cunard Transatlantic Crossing. The secrets of succession: the family behind Heck sausages, Nevada. Kevin Costner: attempting lift-off from prejudice. Your support makes a big difference.