Massaged girls Cleveland, Ohio

massaged girls Cleveland, Ohio

Mar 21, 2011  · USASexGuide > States & Cities > Ohio > Cleveland > Massage She used a non scented oil and massaged my The girls are hot there but you don't get.
Spa kids. Monday. Aug 4, 2008 at Almost a quarter of spas nationwide, including several in central Ohio, As Rollins cleansed and massaged the girl's.
Cleveland, Ohio Information. Introduction. Session Rates. Availability (Schedule) Satisfying your needs and preferences. Important notes. My location. How to.

View Full Version massaged girls Cleveland Massage Parlor Reports. I ran into an ad on: The pictures in the ad were hot. Any info would be appreciated. I do not want to TOFT at this point with so many tried and true alternatives. I shy away from SWs because of the risk of arrest. Thanks in advance for any info.

Sounds to me like she only does massages. I would give this one a pass. I think her name was Cici. I was pretty sure I was only going to wind up with a massage because she made me wash my own naughty bits. It was a very good massage, but I was a little surprised when she told massaged girls Cleveland to flip over and gave me the whole "where do you want me to massage? I have been to Silver spa many times and have always walked away happy!!! But they know me there I think, so that matters alot.

Any been to Massaged girls Cleveland Remember to ALWAYS wash the bits if they tell you too. Check out the first post Very good massage, nice handoff. She might have offered more, but I really like just talking to the hand! Julie is worth it! I paid Amber of a visit last Monday.

I call her first to sexual love making positions McKinney, Texas if she had any specials.

I met her at a Downtown location Hotel which was clean and neat. She welcomed me and we got right to work. She started with a nude massage while I was on my stomach, using baby oil. She paid particular attention to my "back door" and it felt real good, Ohio. Then she had me flip, and started work on the front. She alternated between her magic fingers and Russian when the main event started. I asked if she knew how to do prostate massage.

She demonstrated her skills in this area while using her other hand on little Valdez until I could hold back no longer. I can honestly say that this session was almost as good as FS. Those of you with a SO should shower before you leave. The baby oil will not go undetected once you get home. All in all a fine time. I will not quit seeing AMPs, but change is good sometimes. I was not expecting FS and I was not disappointed.

If you want FS you better visit the AMPs. I have read reviews elswhere that more can be expected on a second or third visit. She hinted that more was on the menu for an appropriate price when there was a comfort level.

Have been away for a few days. Had no sorry, just trying to create events to have something to talk about. So be careful who is hanging around the area parking lots, because they may want to drag you Ohio thier story. Is the spa still getting too much attention? Sunshine never visited, but has seen good reviews. Silver Spa maybe to hot right now, saw Ohio across the street in van a few days ago, sure they are building a story.

I would also recopmmend Anita - she works with Melissa and Alex. They can be found on Backpage. See the message below from valdez. The AMPS are a major local industry there, established for decades, although you can get CFS there, you can limit it to a HR, your choice.

Even the free research will make you comfortable, and an investment for the complete truth is money well spent, it works for me. Thanks for the suggestions, guys.

She looks better in person than in the pictures. Went to Silver Spa on Tuesday nigth. The girl Hannah was cute and during the shower asked if she could wash happy ending massage gilroy Palmdale, California. Thought I was going to get full service not the case.

Fair hand job no touching and I left broke. The service was way too high in cost compared to other cities. Also, another hot one in Cleveland:. Thanks in advance for any info on either one. Does anyone have intel;on SexySunshine?

She worked out of her house near West Ave when I saw her over a year ago. Very nice lady and has a whole menu of activities. She and her husband have been swingers and he may be around not in the room but in the house if you visit. Rich Hi to fellow hobbiests in the Lake Erie region. The last time I phoned her she made me think she was working out of a local Cleveland amp.

She said she has been traveling between Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati and Indianapolis, but indicated she was staying in Ohio for the time being. Is there an amp in the Cleveland area called Far East and has anyone ran across a hot new asian from Texas that could possibly be calling herself Kristina?

Please pm me with any useful information, thanks for any help you can offer. I wonder if this is your girl? I would consider her a Milf since she has a kid. The shower was good, the massage was even decent but Nothing else, massaged girls Cleveland, not even a hint of any extras.

So It was decided that unless I here of a change I will never go back. She was very cute but a hand job is all they ever seem to do there, I did get to play with her a little but it seemed wierd with the door being open.

I was just at SilverSpa and it sucked! Met two old hags. Both watched as I was laying there for a table shower. Then a third lady came in. She was the young cutie everyone else was getting! I freaking got stuck with the old hag the entire time. I asked if the young girl was availible, but in broken english, no choosing, its by turn. But seriously, who the hell wants a massage! This is my first report so please bear with me. I have been a lurker for over a year now and decided it was time to take the plunge.

I had a massage appointment with a Massage provider listed In the Freetimes. When I made the appointment she mentioned that this was legit Ohio not sensual.

I have visited several backpage and freetimes gals and most of the time, unless stating the Ohio license numberin the add, will provide the final touch. I have also seen massage provides under the sensual massage section. I agreed to a afternoon appt today and headed off the the west side of cleveland location. Upon entering the nice clean apartment, she had set up a massage table, candles and soft music. She asked if I wanted draped or undraped? She stood there looking at me and I waited for her to go into the other room to undress and get on the table.

I think I should have undressed infront of her, Ohio. The massage was very good. She used a non scented oil and massaged my neck, massaged girls Cleveland, back, legs, feet and at the end my butt for well over a half hour. She never did however bump the boys. She then stated to turn over.

A this point I am a little nervous as she starts on my arms and chest. She them progress to my legs and thighs and to my suprise starts to slowly massage my underbelly. She did this for a while not touching but very close. The massage lasted a good hour to this point.

Now she has massaged my entire body front and back. She now places a hand towel on my stomach and looks at me.

She states that she usually places a wet towel their and do I mind if it is dry? I look at her and say thanks, sit up and start to wipe off the excess oil from my body for the drive home.

I am totally confused at the signals I am getting. Did I just screw up the ending or was there no ending that I wanted in sight? When you lay on your back undraped and she is massaging your underbelly was this a test that I just flunked with a giant "F"?

WAs the towel for her to use and I missed the signals by sitting up and wiping off the oil? I am just looking for some advise on this one. I am just massaged girls Cleveland for some advise on this, Ohio, you just got a plain old massage.

I agree with you. The more I thought about my experience the more I realized what some of the girls do is Advertise as Possible Sensual just to get the morons like me to answer their adds knowing full well they are only "Regular" massage girls. There is never any intention of HE. Just like the Used Car Salesman who use the old "Bait and Switch".

But unlike used car salesman, their customers get "screwed", we only get massaged girls Cleveland balls, Ohio. I saw the ad for the Bikini massage in the freetimes or scene cant remeber which. The receptionist was attractive though. Girl came in and acted started to see all of me. She said to put towel on. After a few mins I asked about her not wearing a bikini. That put a damper on things but I kept my cool.

I have also seen the add on Backpage and Craigslist. I have called a few times and could not get any type of feedback from the receptionist. Inquiring minds want to know. Was it worth the trip? And if so, How much did it cost you on the way out? Thanks for your trip info. Skipped It was not worth the trip. Girl did not wear a bikini as advertised.

Took one for the team. Well I got sucked into a good picture of some real bs girl acted afraid of me definate waste of money save your time drive to Warren. I stopped by Silver Spa earlier this month and got a table shower and massage. Things got a little better during the table shower, massaged girls Cleveland, with the occasional brush of the private parts but no focusing on them.

When I got back to the room, massaged girls Cleveland, she finished drying me off and then began the massage. The massage was Ohio good although I could have used the harder massage.

I do enjoy the walking on the back. She was dressed in normal clothes, nothing suggestive or provocative like at some spas, so I can see why she was getting warm. She gave me the look of "you show me, " so I took her hand and placed it. Either way, she finished the massage during which time I played with her ass and breasts.

She stayed clothed the entire time. When the massage was massaged girls Cleveland, she wiped me off and then helped me get dressed. No discussion of the tip was ever made before or during the massage, Ohio, which I like. That seemed to make her very happy and she gave me big hugs and told me to come back. Has anyone been at this location along Detroit as noted in the ad below?

The pic looks hot, but could be totally fake. Thats the place that was advertising the bikini!!! See the comments below. I have seen a provider massaged girls Cleveland Anita in those pages for some time now.

I know she gets great reviews although she is not full service, Ohio. I never went to see her because she was too muscular for me. Apparently she is a body builder. Have you seen either of these ladies? I have seen her advertise for awhile now also. Like you said her reviews are good but I have never seen her myself, massaged girls Cleveland. I dont really like the bodybuilder types and shes on the other side of town.

Kind of far to go for a massage. Lately I have been going to N. Too bad about the exchange rate!!! She has a great body. I have also seen her friends Alex and Melissa. Neither one were as good as Anita. I have not seen jenny, Anita use to work out of the eastside but is now on the westside. Her new "friend" Jenny being her latest girlfriend. In the context of this forum probably not what any of us are looking for. I have been to moonlite on a few occasions. First time was with a pretty brunette great massage no fs just HJ with encouraged roaming hands.

That was on the east side. I visited the one on the west side similar proper office Ohio, way up Lorain near the airport I believe. Got a horrible late night massage with HJ no touch very rushed. Not a great experience. Late NK Moonlite is terrible. Sensual Touch is GREAT! Kylie is an absolute knockout and you get what you pay for.

There are some ladies that advertise as massage but you get more. She lets you touch. First post on pussyassmouth.infoy with info on Tori? She looks hot as hell. The comments indicated she gained weight since photos were taken, Ohio. Here is a real old picture of her and a link:.

The links imply more than a rub is available. The low marks from the reviewers would keep me away, Ohio. The nice picture at website below does not look at all like the girl you will actually meet:. She was not a rip off, but I was very dissapointed in her somewhat over-weight and ordinary appearance. Ivey gone to visit Anita, good massage nice time but it is very obvious in regards to how interested she ISNT in men.

Mind yaw I love lesbians, but she seemed very disinterested in my experience. So my take is Aniya is eye candy for the advertisement to lure you in, that way you will call you will settle for Anita mind you she is very attracted just not into sausage. My vote keep your cash shop elsewhere. Enjoy your ogling fellow hobbyist.

Not so New Kidd any more lol, massaged girls Cleveland. They make it sound very attractive on the phone but. Fine, I figure things are gonna go in my direction and I will just leave it as a tip. Girl comes in in bikini, starts on my front draped and does probabley the worst massage I ever got.

At this point, all I want is some attention so I can get massaged girls Cleveland bed. I try touching her, she gets pissed. After a few min, she tels me to flip on my stomach. I tell her she is not finished on the front, she makes believe she doesnt understand.

When I try to move her hand she responds "thats prostitution" when I laugh at the comment she ends the massage and leaves the room. I get dressed and I come out to some dude demanding to know "what I did to the girl to make her cry" LOL!

I turn the tables on her and ask for my change back. Finally the receptionist comes up from downstairs with my change and I slam the door on my way out, Ohio. Sounds to me like you screwed up big-time! Sometimes, all you have to do is ASK! BTW, send me her contact info in PM. Has anyone been to this spot? It is new and it is a part of Ohio Cabaret. I never remember seeing any information on here if anyone has had any experience with Ohio from back page.

Class act all the way. Ohio and pleasant well I cant say enough good things gents. Just sensual massage but well worth the money and you will enjoy. Private location parking on street very discrete operation. Is this another name for an AMP or is it some kind of legit medical center? TIA Sounds to me like you screwed up big-time! Been there with a masseuse that was in no Ohio, shape or form anything but legit.

Has anyone tried this service. Yes, my massaged girls Cleveland pussyassmouth.infoe was so so. How about tthis one. You know the usual stuff. That is or was Selena. She was a scam artist when she was doing escort. Why are there no AMPs in Cuyahoga county? Silver spa is a waste! The most you will get in there is a HJ. You can go to warren and spend the same amount of cash and get it all, Ohio.

Not sure if you can get it all in there yet but the last time I was there I got a HJ and was allowed total freedom with my hands and fingers. You used to not be able to touch in there at all so they are starting to get a little more loose in that place. You used to not be able to touch in there at all so they are starting to get a little more loose in that, Ohio. In my experience, the Silver Spa and Tuks give about the same service - HJ.

Some of the girls allow fondling but no more. I think the girls at Silver are better looking but that varies as they are rotated. I use them because they are convenient and you can get a good massage massaged girls Cleveland a release.

Definetely Warren is more rewarding. I saw one review from Sensual Touch, I was wondering if anyone else had a positive experience there?

I read a couple of reviews about Kylie; one said she wore vinyl gloves for the happy ending, but another said she used her bare hands. I kind of drew the conclusion it must be a YMMV situation. For some reason, another well known review site removed all the reviews for the Ohio Touch organization.

She is really cute, petite, and hot looking. She even does prostrate massages for a tip. On the first visit, she did put on gloves for the happy ending, but then removed them at my coaxing. I did a second visit with Sadie, and had a nice gloveless ending that time.

They should be able to see whether there is anything significantly wrong with the client, and there are many providers who do BBBJ without hesitation. You can expect a glove on the hand that does the prostrate massage, which is reasonable. I am still debating whether to request Kylie in the future; has anyone seen her specifically?

It seems like the AMP scene is dead in cleveland atm, massaged girls Cleveland. They know me at Silver but just seems they are hesitant to put out, massaged girls Cleveland. Warren AMPs are worth the drive. They know me at Silver but just seems they are hesitant to put experiences at both Tuks and Silver is HJ with touching on top of clothing.

My experiences at both Tuks and Silver is HJ with touching on top of pussyassmouth.infod of going to Tuks or Silver theres a place on the westside of cleveland that is better. I went there for the first time on thrusday and had ALESANDRA. The massage was ok massaged girls Cleveland your aloud to touch anything. Was there a couple of days ago and saw "Suzy"; she was cute, sweet and petite. Saw I was in need so TCB first, then provided an incredible deep tissue massage that had me crossing back and forth over that fine line between pleasure and pain!

Also, be very polite. Find out how to say things like "Hello", "Thank you" and "Good-bye" in Korean, massaged girls Cleveland. I agree and have went to Silver Spa several times. TCB: Took Care of Business. Thanks You will never get more than a HJ and maybe get to feel a tit or ass from that place. Thanks has anyone tried this massage, it is part massaged girls Cleveland the strip club and is located in the old flats area of Cleveland, the one time I when it was supposed to be open but the doors where locked, any info would be great regarding Christie Spa Yes, I see Kylie on a regular basis, total knockout, and a great girl too.

She is the only girl I will see anymore, she is my second wife, LOL! Great massage but I have never gotten any extras there. Anyone else ever get any extra activity there? I have been there a couple times during lunch, Ohio.

Is this the outfit that advertises with a "Ruca" or "Selena"? Any word or reviews? Thanks Is this the outfit that advertises with a "Ruca" or "Selena"? ThanksI have never seen any ads for particular women there. This is at an actual strip club next to Shooters. This is the same place that used to advertise as the "bikini massage".

If your looking for a basic massage I guess its ok, massaged girls Cleveland. Whats going on at Silver spa? Is there something good going on there they people are keeping a secret? Is there some place you could recommend that would help me understand what the hell you and the girls are talking about? It has to do with perceived quality not necessarily actual quality, but often the two line up and the apparent amount of wear and tear on the vehicle.

Buying an older, massaged girls Cleveland, cheaper car is always more of a risk, but sometimes it can really be a good value. Still massaged girls Cleveland with the whole thing though. This little gal bends down, ass facing me, massaged girls Cleveland, and starts wringing out towels in a bucket to wipe down tables.

The sight of her ass and the sound of the wash me bucket transported me to the feeling of the almighty table shower. Another delivery joint had a cutie deliver food in a white tank that was hand decorated and said "want to date me? Any info on any Asian action in these enviornments would be a great service to all mongers, please share if you are in the know. Be safe out there. Of course, I think my perception of all Asian culture is skewed by my AMP habit.

My perception of almost all Asian woman is slightly skewed to this day because of my frequent AMP habits back in Ann Arbor, Michigan when it was AMP heaven as well as Sunset in Toledo. Hey guys whats up? Just dropping a quick note on TUKS in chesterland, massaged girls Cleveland.

Ive been going there on a regular basis for about two months now and I am treated very well, now that they know me.

She even offered for my next visit i give her a massage! Silver Spa was busted! Seven of the "clients" were detained and interviewed Tuesday night. They all admitted paying for sex. Spa raided, arrests made in Chester Township. Categories: Breaking News, Crime. The women, who were not identified, are in Geauga County Safety Center awaiting a Korean interpreter, police said. Officers visited the spa Tuesday and questioned customers as they left.

Several of the customers told police that the spa offered sex for money along with the massages. Residents in the area had complained about the spa and its customers for several months. Police boarded up the building after the noon arrests on a nuisance complaint. Note to all spa users:. If you are detained by the police after or during a visit keep the following in mind.

I am not a substitute for a lawyer, but I think my advice makes sense and is based upon years of observation and experience, Ohio.

When you are in trouble, get a lawyer as soon as you can. On the few occasions I was in trouble, my lawyer helped considerably. I would probably be on the "John Be Gone" page if it were not for some great advice. Again I am sharing my comments below with you. Please use the advice or comments at your own risk. The court will have to sort out which it is. Ask if you are under arrest again and answer any directory information like name and address.

If you were stopped while operating your vehicle you should provide license, registration and insurance information immediately upon the request of the police. The police may detain you briefly if they witness a traffic offense. You do not have to tell them about the spa, just because you were stopped happy ending massage for girls Dallas, Texas a traffic offense.

The more you tell them, the longer your detention will become! Just tell the officer you would be happy to talk to officers, but you want your lawyer present.

Frequently, your lawyer will call the police the next day and tell them you will not be making a statement at this time. If the police ask you for permission to search your car, be respectful but tell them no. You may not search my car with my permission. Now closed and boarded uo. They talked of another spa in geauga County with a bullseye on it as next one for a raid. Silver Spa was busted today!

I cant believe anyone was paying for sex at Silver Spa!! I quit going there becasue that would always act you were lucky if you recieved a HJ. I planned on a visit to TUKS in the next few days too.

Now I think i might stay away. Has any paid for sex there? Always got a Hj on time got full service. The thing I liked about them was they never gave price, it was always a donation at the end. If you gave them a decent tip, you got better service next time. If you stiffed them, massage only for you. I liked that system. With that being said I will say I think they knew something was brewing. On last friday I stopped and had a heavy set girl. It got me distracted and I never got off.

Just got dressed and left. Maybe they were tipped off, or maybe I just got a bad girl that day. I will say I will miss them. I went to tuks and only got a massage by an old woman. Not my nidea of a good time. Thanks for the post ,mabey I should have given Silver Spa a little more time as they needed to get to know me. I have been going steady to TUKS for a couple months now, and when I go in there they are all over me.

Ive had a lot of fun in there but No FS yet. But as you stated Im going to stear clear of TUKS now Im sure the word has spread about the bust. As far as the old ladys there yup theres a few but last couple times I had a very nice MILF.

Well mabey I will be travelling to Warren next time I get the itch. Darn Local newspaper is having a field day with reporting on Silver Spa being busted. Sounds like some citizen had a bug up their butt about it. Reports full body massage happy ending Rockford, Illinois the family that owned the building received letters saying there was "a whorehouse in Chesterland".

Prosecuters probably got the same thing. Finally rubbed someone the wrong way I guess. Has any one visited This girl Timber Rae? I found her on backpage and was just wondering if anyones had a session with her? Any comments are your visit would greatly be appreciated. Any info would be appreciated, ie Ohio a handie on the menu! Has anyone been to this place recently?

The picks are real. Any word on anything happening at this place? Been there a couple times before Silver went down. Always gave a great massage, massaged girls Cleveland, which is what I miss most about the place.

Are there any good AMPs near that route? As far as I know, the answer is no. If I am mistaken, I would also like to know where to go.

The ladies are all Ohio, young and sexy. But from massaged girls Cleveland experiance there is no happy ending but give a great is happy ending massage cheating Oceanside, California. I feel that there may be a happy ending in site if I return wich I think I may.

Massaged girls Cleveland the money you are spending you can probably get a good massage and HE with a few of the backpage girls that this forum has giving the thumbs up for. Good luck Yea, but some times a massage from someone who knows what they are doing is about as good as other things.

Plus different people like differnet things. I am into picking girls up from the streets, its exciting and thrilling, Ohio, dangerious and stupid maybe, massaged girls Cleveland, but I like it. Has anyone else tried her out? I am a fully licensed therapist, and I have the whole set up, massaged girls Cleveland.

A professional massage table and the option of relaxing music and sounds in a peaceful environment. What are the benefits of massage and bodyworks? Massage or body work can help relieve chronic muscular tension and pain, improve circulation, increase joint flexibility, reduce mental and physical fatigue, promotes faster healing of injured muscular tissue, improve posture and reduce blood pressure.

Not to mention it feels good to be pampered once in a while, massaged girls Cleveland. I am flexible in Hours Monday thru Sunday till midnight. Have seen a CL ad for Inanne. Would appreciate a PM if you have some guidence. Just thought I would hand out a little info on a bargain I found in Brunswick.

Her name is Sandy and she provides massage out Ohio Brunswick. She pretty much lets me do what ever I want to her and never asks for higher donation! I had to explain it to her,and then she climbed up and I went to town on her daty. Very nice lady real cool too. So are you telling me you got more than that?? I have read several bad reports on her as far as she makes appointments Ohio never shows up.

So had any one out there every really met her? Be patient Young Jedi, you can get more. Looks like Timber Rae is trying to get more business by adding some girls to her been there yet myself though.

She was a waste of time for me. Got the impression she had jealous boyfriend problems and therefore cancelled on me. Even though her pics might be hot, I will never call her number again.

Any recommendations based on experience from backpage? Yes I am telling you that. Be patient Young Jedi, you can get massage, Ohio. Worth the trip for a real massage. In addition to a good HE. Being patient myself as good things come to he who waits, eh. I was hoping to find some AMPP action here, but it seems like Cleveland is dead.

I thought with the bad economy that something would happen. If you know something downtown by theaters at Euclid please private message me.

I can trade good info on the Ohio scene. I am here in downtown Cleveland on Euclid bored off my ass. Can someone pm me info about the AMPP scene here? I can trade info about DC ampp scene. As far as I know there is no AMP in downtown Cleveland. You have to drive about an hour to go to Warren for that! I can trade info about DC ampp is not ampp scene in Cleveland. This massage curtain happy ending Kansas City, Kansas has been up for several months and wondered if anyone has had any massaged girls Cleveland with them.

They also post on the regular massage section. Not sure if they are using the old bait and switch. And that is exactly what I got. She did have me get completely naked to start, which got my hopes up a little. But it was just a no-frills massage. The women were OK to look at, but not good enough to waste much more money there. I had been there few times, the massage is good but you wont get anything other happy ending massage summerville sc Bakersfield, California massage.

This girl looks real hot. Has anyone been with her? But all I received was a great massage. She spent alot of time on my ass and got real close to the boys, and actually nudged them several times, but no happy ending. I might try a couple more times and see what happens. Will keep you posted. SkippedI recently made a visit to this studio.

The parking is secure and discreet. I got my massage from Ohio. The massage was awesome, she will get you arroused and thats about it. Maybe I got the newbie treatment, who knows. I highly doubt there are any extras to be had but YMMV. I think I may repeat just to make sure.

Warning, she uses hot oil in her massage that tends to leave an oder that hangs with you for a while. She stays completely clothed during the session, which is a shame cause shes hot!! Has anyone ever tried this woman? It seems like a pardon the expression "stiff" price for just a massage. Could that mean that more is available? Just wondering if anyone has TOFTT and I just missed it.

I have seen her a few times and there is a happy oral ending. She gives a decent massage in her birthday outfit. She is OK looking but smokes before the massage starts so you will leave smelling like smoke.

She is not on the top of my provider list but her location is clean and safe and you will leave happy. Looking for some info on this lady. She posts on BP under body rubs. I am very curious and will more than likely set up an appointment. I saw her in late October. The task was accomplished but was not worth it. She talked the entire session and seemed like she was doing me a favor. YMMV but she is not on my list to visit again. I agree with the other review.

Good HJ with release. I have not and will not repeat, Ohio. YMMV Anybody been to the Chardon massage that advertises on BP? Anybody been to the Chardon massage that advertises on BP?

I went once, her phone keeps ringing she answered it each time and in the middle her neighbour came to visit Ohio cpl of times. I think there a few reviews on ter that also are not very good. Bad review on BP.

SUPER SPECIALS MADE JUST FOR ME TO MAKE MONEY! Ohio know how stressful times can be- but I can be your release! I work privately and alone in my home- located near downtown on the West side. THIS TIME IS ALL ABOUT ME! Cum get off all that stress, have fun and experience the TOTAL LACK OF eroticism! My specials are created so that you can enjoy yourself and not " break the bank"!

I love what I do- I love to meet new people- and hopefully make up for some of the bad experience you may have experienced- if only for a little while! Please do not call if you are not serious about making and keeping your appointment. My time is precious as is yours!! I HAVE ADDED A NEW PICTURE OF ME AT WORK. HOPE Happy ending massage rancho cucamonga Lexington, Kentucky ENJOY Massaged girls Cleveland Did anyone see this woman?

How far is she really willing to go? Is a HJ guaranteed? As for this woman. I guess someone up there mentioned a happy oral ending? Can anyone confirm this? How far is she willing to go? Finally, has anyone met this woman? Posts in the budy rubs and regular massage sections. Service works out of Office Building, several girls available, similar adds, just be very descreet on phone and when entering location.

Hope it helps Has anyone seen her. The latin girl who advertises on BP under body rubs? What services are offered? HD Service works out of Office Building, several girls available, similar adds, just be very descreet on phone and when entering location. Very special Lady and plesae treat right. Skipped Has anyone anyone seen this girl? I think I may have dated her for a minute a year or two ago. If anyone has seen her, I can provide pics of her if you could confirm. I would love to schedule an appointment if it is her.

Feel free to PM or post. Has anyone anyone seen this girl? Feel free to PM or pussyassmouth.infody I know met up with her a couple of months ago when her ads first came out. She was not ugly, but certainly not pretty. In fact, this friend of mine was so not attracted to her that he passed on his ending just to get away, Ohio. To be fair, he said she was very friendly and easy to talk to. Much better out there.

I can confirm this report. Definitely not the same girl in the pictures, unless they were taken several years ago. She is average in the looks department, massaged girls Cleveland. I enjoyed my massage, which was a massage only. No happy ending, no exposed body parts on her part. She said she would do a happy ending on the second visit when she feels comfortable with the client.

Needless to say, I have not gone back. There are much better providers out there who will satisfy your needs. I can say it was a damn good massage though. If she did blow up, it would make for a great conversation between us, since a big reason we split was I did not and still dont have a washboard stomach and didnt care to get one!

ThanksI would also love to find out more about these ladies. I would also love to find out more about these Jim. The second girl on the list is Dottie. I have been with her a few times. She is really accomidating and has a good attitude, massaged girls Cleveland. PM me for the details. Well worth the price. I would also love to find out more about these ladies. I have seen Celeste a few times. It has been down hill since the beginning and I doubt I would see her again but YMMV.

You do get oral on the flip with a hand ending. The last time she gave up and I had to help. One item to note is you will leave smelling like smoke. Very humble and friendly lady and skilled in her job. Toft Not sure what I was thinking but this girl it not as advertised. Not a complete ripoff just extremely poor.

It was a mind blowing experience. MY body was ready to blow up my mind for not walking right of the run down house when I got there. When I got home I found that she also goes by GINGER. Tattoo above left tit I think it said Massaged girls Cleveland. Now if I could only find the SANDY experience, plus a little more, in the Cleveland area.

The call is easy. They have a male receptionist that answers massaged girls Cleveland phone but I never saw him. My appointment was with the pretty woman with asian looks. She was friendly, and verified everything and collected the fee.

She was dressed very similarly to in the ad. The studio was very nice, had me undress and lay on the bed, then came in and gave the massage. Ended up with a very nice, very relaxing massage, but nothing at all beyond a normal massage. Normal say spa kind of place. On the other hand, I had assumed from the ad location, and the wording, massaged girls Cleveland it would be more. So, wondering if anyone else has Ohio any experience there.

I am tempted to massaged girls Cleveland again because they gals are pretty, it is very close and convenient, and it was a good massage. And I might still go massaged girls Cleveland sometime when I just need a massage.

But would love to know if anyone else has been there and knows if more is likely. Thanks Those girls do look good. If I had more time and money I would be tempted to try one of these:. As it is the AMPS in Warren are a long drive, but yield very few surprises. The wording of the ad is what has me wondering.

No blocked calls and be tactful when calling. Has me curious to want to give them a try. Anyone try this place or call them about rates? If your looking for extras, save your money and gas. You wont get anything extra.

After reading several of the reports on Sandy I decided to give it a try and man what a wonderful time it was. First of all she provides one of the best massages I have ever had. She is very easy to talk with and have a very nice incall location.

Then she took me to the shower, stripped down and proceeded to give me a complete wash down to remove all real happy ending massage tube Arlington, Texas oil and have me feeling fresh and clean.

Thanks to all of you who had provided reports on her. Years ago, there were a couple AMPs. I guarantee you will not be disappointed. I read SW reports. Not worth the risk. I saw Maria this week. Ohio is very easy to set up, and the location is a very nice home. She gave an exceptionally sensual massage, with a very enjoyable hour and ending. It was certainly relaxing and worth the money and time. Where is her ad?

Goat I saw Maria this week. What was the price? Goat Where is her ad? Happy Mongering After reading several of the reports on Sandy I decided to give it a try and man what a wonderful time it was.

Thanks to all of you who had provided reports on this the Sandy that has been discussed? Thanks to all of you who had provided reports on can anyone tell me roughly how old Sandy is and describe her? Thanks Sandy is older than the picture you see in the ad. She is Philippian- If I recall correctly. Any new news on Anita and the girls in her massage place? No FS before but massaged girls Cleveland to be HE. Any intel would be great. Goat Any new news on Anita and the girls in her massage place?

GoatGoat: I have seen Nina a couple times. She gives a very good massage with a nice finish. I have not seen any of the other gals there. Eva on BP is another great option. She allows some more mutual touching and is well reviewed on another site.

Has anyone seen Marissa? Goat: I have seen Nina a couple times. Marissa that used to work with Anita? If so, she has an add on BP periodically. Very good referral on Nina. Can anyone please PM or post recommendations. Really good dreams allow tasting or more. Any response would be appreciated and I will gladly return the favor for those who respond if they are ever in the St.

Charles area here in Missouri. Looks were good massaged girls Cleveland service not so much. Pretty mechanical for the half hour. Hand release at end but it seems she wanted out. Was given several names and identified many possibilities on my own.

Hung up- called back and hung up. Coulda been phone problems- dunno. Finally I called one of the members suggestions, Marissa. Easy to work with and came to me. Came when she said she would and was content with advertised price. I added small tip just because she was set up real nice may have been the gal in the pics and not a skank.

I then gave a little more extra for additional attention. Actually she got the attention. Actually I think if I had wanted to continue she would have. She was just all around great. I asked and was declined with a massage parlour girl Elgin, Illinois smile which is fine. Be clean, nice and you will get the same.

I will absolutely think of her when I am back home and with out a doubt look her up Ohio I ever get back here. Any one with info on this? Goat Any one with info on this? A few girls work out of an office in east suburb. Mutual massage with HE is available. I was reading here about Sandy in Brunswick, and, being on a road and passing by, decided to give her a try. Body, which really got me attracted to her. Anybody have any experience with Lilly Ann in Parma? She has been on my radar for a while.

Her ads used to be based in Ohio Heights before she disappeared for a while. I am still interested but need to see something positive on her before I try again. These two look like they have some potential. Anybody have any experience with them? Great nude oil massage with HE.

Hands can roam but no finger play. Ohio me for details. Saw Eva this weekend. Have seen her several times before. Great time as always. Just wish the price was a little lower.

Maria has been around for a while. PM me for is her rate? What city is she in? Going to be in cle. This week and was wondering has anyone been their recently and has anything changed. Wasted dream What is her rate? But did ya at least read massaged girls Cleveland ad on BP? Anyone have info on this? My search continues for a good massage in CLE. Tired of heading to Warren.

Any news would be helpful, Ohio. I was curious of the rates as well but did not see it in the ad. Heard she was good. What was the costs and menu items? Yeah I read the ad. Looks to good to be true.

I tried tineye and came up with mixed results. Any info would be helpful in my quest for the perfect rub and tug. Goat Looks to good to be true. GoatI was also super interested. I say Shenanigans on massaged girls Cleveland broad. This lady has been running an ad around here for several months:. Has anyone have intel on this one?

Thanks The one from strongsville Ohio no pictures. I know she had floated around awhile back, and things sound decent at least from some older reports, but sometimes things change! My thanks in advance. A friend said he took a chance on raquel. Definitely open-minded and budget friendly, though possibly some issues with pills and needles.

He does not recommend, due primarily to appearances thin, big fake breasts, but FAR from pretty, Ohio. Be safe Anyone have info on this? Goat A friend said he took a chance on raquel. Be safeWhat was the rate and menu? Seems like thin and big fake breast would be a good thing.

How far from pretty? GoatThe is the same, Ohio, but check the reviews, photo is fake. Any help would be appreciated, massaged girls Cleveland. Hey, I live in Bama, but Cleveland is home. For the love of Pete, please tell me that Elli is for real.

ThanksI saw her this past Oct. Gorgeous large breasts- but she massaged girls Cleveland not go fully nude. Gives a great masssage and her technique is very good. Wanted to do more but that was off the menu. But a legit person who is very genuine. Is this girl for real? She answered and text me back but no show.

Can someone please send me some information about Jewels on the westside? Anyone have any intel? I saw an asian spa within the mall. HTH Anyone with imput on her? There was a spa in mentor a few years back and they quickly shut it, and it was not bad.

It totally depended on the girl, but I had some very good experiences there. It ranged from HJ only to BBFS. I know that completely freaks some people out here, but it was what it was. Yes, and it was not bad. I have explored and failed in lake county despite good looks, charm and cash. Even the "escorts" are backpage are lame, scams, LE or thieves.

Number is linked to what appears to be a chain type operation in Cincy. Cincy board reports that it is a ligit massage only place. Might TOFTT on this, at least I will get a decent massage at the very least. Might TOFTT on this, at least I will get a decent massage at the very is the massage place IN the mall.

Like, as you walk by and are shopping, the annoying Asian guy interrupts you and says "you like-a try massage? It is a legit massage place IN THE MALL. If you want extras, go to Warren and get whatever you want. If you want takeout, read the strip club boards in Akron and Cleveland. I see she is advertising heavily on Backpage. Ad is for Cleveland West exhilirating massage. It was a total joke.

One of the lamest women I have ever seen. What was the rate and menu? I really liked her. Some metal and like you guys say here I dreamed that she provided FS with a very Ohio hott BBBJ and CG with a hat. I am going to dream this dream again and again. Black hair and lovely green eyes and I thought that she was pretty. JMHO I see she is advertising heavily on Backpage, massaged girls Cleveland. One of the lamest women I have ever is about as friendly as our weather is here in February.

You would think word would have gotten around about her by now, but not everybody does there homework I guess. JMHOWhat was on the menu and what were her rates? Goat I really liked her. JMHOAgreed that she is very accommodating. Might be just what many of you are looking for. Does anyone think that they may be offering more services now than have been described in the past? Has anyone been there since the last posts in November? They even have a website now,, I believe but it is very vague and tells very little I guess understandably so.

I was thinking about it, even with all of the info presented here that have already TOFTT. I was just wondering if anyone had heard anything new, massaged girls Cleveland. They even have a website now. If you feel like having a little pity on a newbie, please share your experiences and suggestions either here or via pm. You will do just fine. Be sure to post on the Warren board, and let us know how you make out. ThanksI suggest you check out the Warren Forum for updates before you visit.

Ohio are about six AMPs and they go hot and cold. I have been to then all over the years and found Toyko to be very hit or miss. I visited one of the local girls the other day, had seen her in the past a few time and service was always good. Took a quick shower before leaving her place which I have done before. I know better than to carry more than I plan on spending but usually take a little extra just in case.

I have been wanting to see eva for a massage. Looking for a little more than normal. Is she worth the extra? I had seen her few times, she is the best in Ohio. I would have to agree. Definitely my favorite for erotic massage, Ohio. I had seen her few times, she is the best in do I have to expect? Anyone with input on Angelina.

She gives the best massage I have ever had from a provider in this hobby. Your hands can only roam so far but she will give you your moneys worth. I have seen her a few times. Finally met with Sandy in Bruinswick, Good massage, she agreed for seeing eva any chance she will ever do that with me?

Been seeing eva any chance she will ever do that with me? Her ad states no DATY and she sticks to that. Does anyone know if they offer more than massage? Eva is the best!

I have been to Sandy before, but did not realize she offered more than a HJ. There was no extra tip requested. This was almost two years ago also, massaged girls Cleveland. I went to see Sandy. Location is a little strange for me, but she gives an excellant massage. Wish there was a shower available for afterwards, because of the oil she uses. How do I get ahold of her? I asked her if I could use the shower. She took me upstairs to a bathroom and gave me a towel, washcloth etc.

I took a shower before I left. I took a shower before I a review on another site that said she joined in shower. Posts here seem to be a massage only.

Any happy ending at all HJ? Saw a review on another site that said she joined in shower. YES a HE is always available as far as I know. Each time I visited it was never an issue. I gree about having a shower available.

It would be nice. Anybody have info on this one on BP. I am a single white MILF. I will wear something sexy, and provide a sensual massage in the privacy, safety and comfort of my home.

I am licensed and use a massage table.

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Hotel masseuse used by hotel guest. British babes give cfnm cock massage. My appointment was with the pretty woman with asian looks. She speaks about her faith in God and how she is leaning on her faith to get her through the difficult recovery. It is on the.

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Massaged girls Cleveland, Ohio Thanks You will never get more than a HJ and maybe get to feel a tit or ass from that place. MatureHousewifeSexMassage massaged girls Cleveland, Prostate. How about tthis one. Any info on any Asian action in these enviornments would be a great service to all mongers, please share if you are in the know. Asian masseuse offers a rub and suck. Definetely Warren is more rewarding.
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